How does a woman bring order in her clothes and do not regret it?

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How does a woman bring order in her clothes and do not regret it?

Many women often hold for their belongings longer than. When you look at their closet, it seems that you can open a clothing store. When you look at their jewelry box, it seems that it is worth thinking about the opening of the jewelry shop. But the appearance can be deceptive. Half of clothing in the closet is either outdated or not suitable. And it really is worth the bottom. Jewelry is another story to pay attention.

One very wise woman once said that two things could never be thrown out of the ladies’ wardrobe:

Sweaters with cardigans


Therefore, it is worth listening to this very good advice and throw clothes from the closet that is no longer in fashion and is not suitable in size. Of course, it would be too simple.

You ask. Is not it? Do not count on it. The most likely scenario is that clothes will return to fashion in 35-50 years. By that time, you will not wear these things that were intended for a much younger body. What a dilemma. A dilemma that could be solved a long time ago, if we had a resistance to take and go through the whole cabinet.

Therefore, it is time to call a friend, or even one and not one and roll a real «fashion show». Invite all your girlfriends who are able to be frankly honest with you. The girlfriends who will tell you which items are still going to you, and still either «in fashion» or exclusively «classic» clothes. Then make a decision, refuse clothes that no longer meets your current needs, and save the clothes you will wear, and be proud of what she is on you.

Do not forget to keep all sweaters and cardigans, the cycle of fashion for cardigans is much longer than most of other items. The only case you should throw them, is when they become battered and already in the battered state. As soon as the decisions are accepted, you can start a party with wine and snacks. Have fun you will not regret. Perhaps the idea of the «fashion show party» will enter the tradition, and your girlfriends later organize their own.