How does running begins, or how to start morning jogs?

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How does running begins, or how to start morning jogs?

There are several types of running. Regardless of your preparation, you can choose one of them or immediately combine several:

Running in the park. This is a standard jogging to which we are accustomed from childhood. You only need to work a little over technician.

Running around rough terrain. Relief and turns contribute to the uniform development of muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Your vigilance and attentiveness increases, and you better set up the process. Choice for extremals.

Running in the sand. Running on an uneven soft sandy beach can be one of the most difficult training in your life, and the jogging of heavy dense sand will seem very easy. Perfect for diluting your daily workouts.

Do not chase over the distance, it will come to you.

Many of us use jogging as an opportunity to distract from everyday life, think about some problems or forget about everything. In other words, during running, we use our mental energy in order to solve some things besides running.

Perhaps this is some kind of therapeutic effect, but it is better to run from this you will not.

If you really want to learn how to run better, you will have to choose another time to think about life, and to work out to be collected and with fresh heads — without electronic devices distracting you.

When you run on the sand barefoot, then land on the front of the foot. It is important to transfer this experience and on your morning jogging, as the landing on the heel leads to numerous injuries.

We have fallen wrong so long that it is natural for us to run unnaturally. Tune in to the sound of your run — listen to the sound with which your legs touch the earth, listen to the frequency of these touches. You will spend less strength and start running better when you will not excessively use your muscles or land on the heel.

Sport teaches you in a new way to use your body. Progress depends on how well you have a perception and the ability to distinguish one movement from the other.

Even the harmless morning jog requires attention from your mind and body. However, the results in the form of a tightened body, good health and good mood to stand. Enjoy intermediate successes and do not stop there!

Running — sports accessible to everyone. To achieve the first results you only need to wear shoes and get out of the house.

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