How many vertebrae in a person and for what is answering each of them?

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How many vertebrae in a person and for what is answering each of them?

How many vertebrae in humans — consists of 33-34 vertebrae. The spine is one of the most complex structures in the human body. The S-shaped form gives it flexibility and elasticity, allows you to lean and rotate, occupy a convenient position. Knowing how many vertebrae in humans and where they are located, it is easier to determine what caused painful sensations arising (when hemorrhoids may develop, pathological processes in the sacrats department will cause pain in the hips).

The anatomy of the human spine allows you to go straight and maintain the balance of the center of gravity. The spine is distinguished by important functions:

The amount of vertebrae ranges from 32 to 34, the presence of 3 bends protects against overloads.

Knowing how the spine is man, for which each vertebra is responsible, you can prevent preventive measures to preserve it in a healthy state.

To understand where pain appear from, it is necessary to figure out how many departments in the human spine. In the spine 5 departments:

The vertebrae consists of the following elements:

The body of the vertebra is located in front. The back is the part on which the processes are located (their back muscles are attached). Intervertebral discs consist of cartilage tissue, located between the vertebrae.

In the spinal canal there is a spinal cord, vertebral arcs protect it from damage. Sophisticated processes protect the spine and limit the amplitude of movements.

The articular processes 4: 2 from above and 2 below, they help intervertebral disks function correctly.

An important element connecting bone structures is bundles. Elastic fixation of bones and muscles provide tendons.

The cervical spine is responsible for the activity of the head. In the thoracic smallest activity, the lumbar is the greatest. With the help of the sacrum, the pelvis with the spine is connected. In case of violations, heavy pathologies are developing in any departments.

With the appearance of strong headaches, dizziness, trembling limbs, changes in gait, etc. Signs often require a spinal survey.

When problems in the cervical department arise:

In case of violation in the first cervical vertebral (C1), arterial pressure problems arise. Failures associated with the second cervical vertebra (C 2) cause problems in the functioning of the nervous system, view.

C3 disorders lead to problems with the activities of the nervous system, destruction of the teeth. As a result of the damage to C4 (with injuries), the consequences will affect the collar zone, C5 — on the bundles of the throat, C6 — on the neck, forearms.

In disruption of the functioning of the vertebrae of the chest department, a failure in the activities of internal organs (bronchi, heart, liver, bile ducts, kidneys) occurs:

The explanatory department is responsible for the activity of the prostate gland, the intestines. With violations arising in this department, appear:

Violation of the functioning in the sacrifice and keyboard causes:

Considering how many vertebrae is in the cervical department, you need to remember that they differ in small size and insignificant strength.

The cervical department is the most mobile, has a C-shaped and consists of 7 vertebrae. C6 has a large front tubercle. Next to him passes the carotid artery and in the occurrence of bleeding, it is pressed against the tubercle.

Atlant is the first cervical vertebrae, is represented in the form of a ring of arcs interconnected by well-developed elements. On the back is a deepening (called «tooth»).

Axis also has a tooth directed upwards. He has a pointed top, around — Atlant and Skull. There is a plot in front, where there is a pair of deepening in the Atlanta tooth. Rear is the articular part.

The seventh cervical vertebra can easily grope, bowing his head down. Its foolish process is big, it is not divided into parts.

I specify how many cervical vertebrae is in a person, you should know that not all of them carry the same load as Atlant.

The bends of the spine allow you to protect it from loads, maintain balance, smooth the effects of jolts and sharp movements.

Smooth bends are not considered to be expelled: they are its property that makes it possible to withstand pressure and maintain integrity.

Knowing how many vertebrae numbers in each of the vertex departments, you should clarify what distinguishing features they have. The vertebrae of the cervical, chest and lumbar departments is called true, and sacrochny and coccycous — false.

The bends of the spinal column give him an S-shaped view. The bends forward are called Lordoz, back — kyphosis. In the cervical there is a lordosis, in breast — kyphosis, in Lumbar — Lordoz. Smoothing or increase in bends occurs during scoliosis, osteochondrosis. This has a negative effect on the strength and flexibility of the spine.

The vertebral pillar is distinguished by a sedentary thoracic, consisting of 12 vertebrae (have the designation from T1 to T12). This amount is due to 12 pairs of ribs. The body of the vertebrals in it is more massive (according to scientists it is associated with an increased load and compound with ribs).

In the intervertebral discs of the chest department, a small height, the savory processes also have differences: they are larger, elongated form, bend down the book.

Often, kyphosis occurs in the thoracic. When injuring or irregular posture, the spine is deformed that it becomes causes the development of heavy pathologies. In order not to appear unwanted deviations, the level of load should be reduced, follow the position of the body.

To find out how many bones in the human spine, you need to make a simple calculation, summing up the vertebrae of each department:

In total, there are from 32 to 34 vertebrae. When a change in the amount of increasing or decreasing, diseases are developing, which are not threatened with fatal outcome, but may cause strong pain and difficult movement.

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