How much do you need to do washing your hands so that bacteria do not remain on them?

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How much do you need to do washing your hands so that bacteria do not remain on them?

Dentists recommend cleaning their teeth at least three minutes. This rule is known to many. And what about hands? How much do you need to do washing your hands so that bacteria do not remain on them?

Journalists of the Daily Mail edition conducted an experiment, during which the optimal time and the «technique» of the washing of hands determined, allowing them to determine them from malicious bacteria.

It is possible that after reading this material, your idea of the «right» hand washing will change dramatically.

In order to determine the level of purity of the hands after washing, a special Glo Germ lotion was used, simulating pollution, and ultraviolet lamp.

However, if you bring the ultraviolet lamp to the hands, the gel film will appear as a white plaque, which is a «dirt» imitation, accumulating on the skin of the hands during the day.

After applying the gel on the skin, the hand under the UV lamp looks like this.

During the experiment, journalists werehed hands in different ways for different times. After each approach, the result was fixed (than a whiter hand — the more dirt on it). We will deal with more details with each option.

Many of the time resort to this method. When soaps, towels are not at hand, or we are just in a hurry.

In 2013, scientists from Michigan University (USA) conducted a study with the participation of 3,500 volunteers and found out that a quarter of them

This method of washing hands is extremely ineffective. See how the hand covered with gel after

«Such a wash does not give an even account any sense. Therefore, it is necessary to do it more carefully, especially after visiting the public toilet, «says an expert on hygiene from University in Selford Lisa Equility.

According to the United Kingdom National Health Service, people on average spend on hand washing about

The picture below is a hand after six seconds of washing without soap.

Increasing the duration of washing for 3 seconds only slightly reduced pollution. At the same time, white spots are still a lot. Including — on the side of the fingers and in the area of the Cuticula.

According to the expert in the field of hygiene and public health Vala Curtis, soap not only helps to clean the skin better, but also forces people to spend the wash more time.

Plus, adds Dr. Curtis, during washing with soap polluted areas are exposed to greater friction, which contributes to better cleansing.


Hygiene experts assure — in order to make hands as thoroughly with soap, you need to spend no less

After a 15-second experimental washing, dirty areas remained only in small quantities in the area of the Cuticula and nails of large fingers.

After remembering that there is no limit to perfection, the authors of the experiment decided to increase the time recommended by experts twice. And not in vain — in 30 seconds it was possible to wash off almost all the dirt. Consider.

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