How much money do you need a person to live comfortable?

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How much money do you need a person to live comfortable?

It has long been time to measure the income not «subsistence minimum», but «subsistence optimum» or even «comfort». And really, how much money should a person need to live comfortably? Talks on his example the owner of a small business.

Approximately 20 years ago, in the student, considered this figure for himself, based on the following principles: a family with one or two children; Normal apartment in a harsh mortgage; first car loan; eat decently, not the observed market in search of two rubles cheaper; Dress up not in stock, but at least in Mega; Traveling at least once a year. I then did not know how much, it turns out, it is necessary to make money for education and medicine, I did not take into account them. And I got a figure of $ 3,000 per family. During the course, in my opinion, in 6 rubles — but here I can be inaccurate. About 3000 dollars I remember exactly. And I sought to this figure for some time.

Now I have a complete family with two teenage children. We live in Moscow — in the central part of Russia, in a small town. With his wife we ​​drive a little business. We keep records of the family budget. Last year, we spent on average 318 thousand rubles per month. This year, consumption costs decreased to 242 thousand rubles. per month. The month is unevenly uneven, of course, but in March it had to be held greatly — there was a loss month in business — then the costs decreased, but still only up to 159 thousand rubles. (As we lived another five years ago by 40 thousand rubles. per month — I will not do the mind!).

I’ll tell you how such a figure was formed. It has long been dreamed of sail well, and when income rose to 400 thousand rubles. A month, began to allow themselves to use the «unlimited card», that is, spend how much you need, without looking at prices. Well, that is, it is comfortable. The main thing is that something remains for accumulation.

We need something — we buy. Of course, it is not about mad spending such as changing the car every six months. For example, I do not buy the iPhone — I have the principle that the phone should not cost more than 15,000 rubles. So it is not a pity to lose, replace in case of breakdown. I am very satisfied with Xiaomi. We go to the Honda CR-V 2008 — quite a decent car. Yes, not Pitch, but we are discussing «to live decently», and not «live Pontovo», right? I do not plan to change it for another two or three more — why?

But at least, in the concept of «to live decently», we include the following: we are going to a hypermarket and caress what I want, without choosing that cheaper. Clothes and shoes buy high quality, but they still watches discounts. Once a week on Fridays let yourself go to the cafe, plus at the weekend it is still somewhere, too, with meals. We go to travel at least twice a year: in the New Year holidays and in the summer at sea for a month or two (the business allows you to work remotely). Plus travel by car throughout the year. We spend a lot of money for additional education — about 15 thousand rubles. a month comes out. Medicine also prefer paid, in normal clinics — it also requires a lot. Gifts to each other gifts — about 10 thousand rubles. per person for every birthday, approximately 3-5 thousand rubles. per person for other holidays. Well, such a regime of life costs us now in 60 thousand rubles. per person per month on average.

In general, I consider this for myself as a reasonable balance: on the one hand, we rarely refuse to myself, on the other hand, do not break and spend only what is really necessary, preferring good quality product or service.