How not to boil

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How not to boil

As we found out to buck this, of course, naturally, but not always nice!

Many people belong to this not very good!

To reduce the release of gases from the body, consider tips.

Machine beans before cooking to prevent the appearance of increased gas formation.

Everyone is well known that the use of beans and other legumes can lead to gas formation. However, pre-soaking will help you avoid this problem. Eat dried beans instead of canned. Thanks to this, you reduce gas formation.

Eat less vegetables and fruits that contribute to the meteorism.

Although fruits and vegetables are very important to maintain a good health, some of them can cause increased gas formation.

Therefore, excluding these products from your diet or reducing their use, you can get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon.

Also reduce the use of dairy products, in particular, milk and cheese.

Reduce the use of carbonated drinks.


But if you like to poop loudly and luffing, and most importantly, stinking, then … do it all the opposite, which is described above. And you will be people to know the bunch!

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