How not to get sick

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How not to get sick

In medicine, a group of infections, and in the people a ringless deprived, called dermatomycosis. This is a disease that has special microbes, which are mushrooms in their structure. They are very survivors and in abundance are common in the environment (land, tree, wet stone and sand) and long retain their contagiousness.

You can infected the ringworms to be infected in public pools, shower, as well as in contact with sick cats, dogs, causing patients with sheep, cows. In sports facilities, transport, hairdresser, train, and other public places it is also necessary to comply with prevention measures to prevent the disease. The main way of transmission of infection is a contact with an infected skin, but also possible to transmit a few if the particles of the patient’s skin or an animal containing the spores of the fungus fall on the skin of a healthy person. So you can get infected even through trico, slap, washcloth, comb or untreated sports equipment.

In order not to get sick, it is necessary to use only your soap, washcloth, slippers, towels. It is impossible to use someone else’s sportswear. It is impossible to iron and touch the hand of the street cats and dogs. After care for your pets, you need to wash your hands with soap and it is strictly forbidden to take in bed kittens and puppies, as well as shove them to yourself for the collar. Domestic livestock should be examined by a veterinarian, and after care for the cattle, you need to change all the clothes and wash your hands thoroughly.

At an early age, deprive is much heavier. In order to prevent the distribution of infection in schools and kindergartens, the regular health worker should inspect the skin and hair of children at least 2 times a month, and when infection is found to remove from classes and send a sick child to a doctor. A child is allowed to occupy after treatment and three negative results of an analysis of infection.

It should be remembered that treatment from depriving long and negatively acts on the human body, so it is better not to pick up the infection than then to root the liver, kidney and plant immunity. To prevent the disease, use hygiene tools with antifungal action. These are different gels for a soul or shampoos containing a special preparation in their composition — ketoconazole. A good prophylactic effect also has a means including in their composition of birch tar. Be alert and at any suspicion of depriving immediately contact your doctor to appoint an accurate treatment regimen.