How to arrange a home dry cleaning carpet

17 Сен

How to arrange a home dry cleaning carpet

The vacuum cleaner can not always clean your carpet. For highly contaminated carpets, cleaning shampoo is needed. You will need a special apparatus for wet cleaning, as well as a special detergent. Here are some tips, how to make your carpet clean:

Buy or hire the device for wet cleaning. You will need more special tools for cleaning carpet surfaces that can be bought in the store.

How to spend the carpet.

Split into contaminated places on your carpet to pre-clean carpet or carpet cleaning agent. For highly polluted areas, use more means.

Fill the reservoir of the detergent apparatus with hot water from under the tap.

Apply the cleansing shampoo.

Carefully read the instructions of the equipment you use.

Rinse the carpet with a cleaning machine. If, after cleaning, your carpet remained wet, then you need to repeat the drying of the carpet, it should stay a little wet, as if it was strongly squeezed.