How to attract yourself, information, goods or service of other people?

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How to attract yourself, information, goods or service of other people?

Speak with people about themselves. We keep a presentation — link the product with those people who listen to you. Conduct a lecture or seminar — bind the material that you betrayed, with listeners, with real examples from life, with examples from the life of the audience. Sell goods — link the product with the needs of your buyer. Simply put, talk to customers about themselves: about their desires, interests, needs, problems that they can solve with your help, etc.

Nothing attracts the client to this or that information, to a particular product, man, things like similarity. Accordingly, that your information is perceived, the goods acquired or you attracted attention, it is necessary to show similarities with those life problems, interests and views on the lives that are in customers who are interested in people who are interested in.

Speak with people about themselves. If you want to attract, then you need to talk about people with whom you communicate. They feel related to you if you support them. They will want to buy your product if you prove that he will solve them specifically. They will want to continue the relationship with you if you get down with them in our views and in some stories from your life.

Nothing climbs as similarity, help, support, respect. And so that all this is demonstrated in any situation, you just need to talk about them about themselves. Even those who do not greatly love themselves and shy to take compliments, sometimes they can pass through conversations about themselves, not to stop. Anyone wants to tell about himself. Anyone wants to find support from. Anyone first of all wants to solve their problems. Anyone wants to feel that there are relative souls among others. And if you all give people during your speech, they will agree to give you what you want from them to get.