How to be the one who you wanted to seem?

17 Сен

How to be the one who you wanted to seem?

There is a fairly simple way, as in the eyes of other people to appear as you want to see: you need to consider yourself the best and demonstrate such behavior, as if you are the best!

Just believe in your own uniqueness, professionalism, the ability to solve any problem and show it to others. If you consider yourself the best, cool, most cool, you will begin to behave accordingly. People watching you will begin to see what you show them.

Why do people do not notice what you would like them to see? If this happens, then you yourself do not really believe in the image that you show others. Since you do not believe in your own uniqueness and perfection, then do not behave accordingly.

What you show yourself, people see you like. If you demonstrate what they would not want them to see, this is your problem. People characterize you by what you show them. If they give the characteristic that does not suit you, then change the behavior and your own opinion about yourself until you hear what you would like to hear.

Be the most cool! Show what you are the best. If you consider yourself perfect, then people will consider you as such because you will begin to do as a perfect person. Position yourself as the «most-most.» Enter yourself as the «mostst.» Then other people will look at you as on the «most-most.»