How to become a cosmonaut?

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How to become a cosmonaut?

To become a cosmonaut, it is necessary to begin to prepare with school bench. You need to learn well in school, and at the university. This will help you with a summary. Special attention in high school needs to be given to the study of natural sciences and mathematics.

Get a job associated with astronautics. What is useful to you as an astronaut is navigation, piloting, work with computers. All this will give you the necessary skills.

Enter the well-known and quotient university. Throw it with honors, having received a profession in any computer direction, such as programming or one of the above skills.

Consider the military, in particular, the navy or air force. Both branches are highly technological, especially on the fleet. The navy is also the only branch with nuclear power, and the skill of working with the reactor will give you the necessary experience. Both directions have really good bridgeheads for teaching computer disciplines, which will help with programming, will provide an opportunity to work with equipment, and repairing electronic devices (radars, satellite antennas, computers, etc.). And, of course, some military specialties in the Navy and Air Force have flight programs. Most cosmonauts — either former, or current servicemen. The navy also has a space program.

Visit the Star Town. Take an excursion, and see if you really want to get this job. Strengthen your body as physical training will be checked upon admission to work. Stay in excellent physical form. Do not give up! Stay resistant, and follow your ultimate goal.

Cosmonaut — work is not for the faint of heart. It is very dangerous. If you remember, Challenger and Columbia fall apart, and Apollo 1 burned down during the preparation for the flight, all the crew died in all three accidents. You must keep in mind that there is always a chance that something can go wrong. Do not become a cosmonaut if you are not ready for the hardest tests!