How to behave in any situation: react or do in your own way?

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How to behave in any situation: react or do in your own way?

Alien soul — dotches, as well as the motives of any actions of other people are often incomprehensible to man. The girl may perplex why the guy threw her, but continues to call. The worker may be angry over the dismissal, but not to be resolved on him, because the director does not increase, but all the time promises to raise wages. A person is introduced into the bewilderment of the situation when someone behaves ambiguously and at the same time it is necessary to take some action for its part.

In any situation, humans have two behaviors:

You either react and make a decision only after another person will take its own, or do not expect someone’s decisions, but do your decisive step based on your desires and aspirations.

Imagine such a situation: a partner in order to obtain some kind of benefits coming to lies, shamelessly deceiving you to keep nearby. You understand this state of things and require the answer from person: either he ceases to deceive you, or you leave. What is the only person not going to delay the partner near himself? Of course, he promises you not to lie, but will continue to do it, because otherwise you cannot build relationships with you. Will you wait for his decision in this situation or decide to part?

Your life depends on what elections you make. If you choose to live as you want and imagine, then sometimes you will have to leave or offend other people, without waiting for their solutions. But if you want to sail downstream, then take a passive position that many occupies, and wait, when other people will «throw out», when you become unnecessary and uninteresting. You either react or build your life at your own desire, actively and fearlessly, without waiting for someone’s decisions.