How to boil hidden

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How to boil hidden

Although the ability to loosen loudly and helped many to succeed in childhood, in an adult world a loud buzzing is unlikely to help make friends, and even more so attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Keep gases in yourself very harmful. This can lead to serious health problems, such as bloating, stomach disorder and heartburn. Every person buses and there is nothing surprising. There is nothing shameful in the desire to release gases, however there are several ways that can help you make it imperceptibly for others.

Consider some interesting ways how to bulk without noise and sound!

Do it slowly.

Bringing gases, strain the abdominal muscles and take a deep breath and exhale. When gases come out, try to reduce the noise as possible.

You can sneeze or quench, release gases so that others do not hear it.

This will help distract the attention of people around you from your need to release gases.

If you do it, being in motion, others will not notice this, because the sound and smell will not accompany you constantly.


Exit the room.

If you need to release gases, try to get out of the room where there are many people.

If possible, go to another room where you can feel relieved.

Use air freshener.

You can disguise the unpleasant smell using an air freshener or hand cream with a pleasant smell.

Apply cream on your hands after you bubble. Thanks to this, you can disguise the unpleasant smell that can accompany the output of gases.

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