How to buck

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How to buck

At the beginning of romantic relationships, most of us tried with all their might look as attractive for their half, even if it means neglecting the natural needs of your body. For example, at a completely normal desire to let whisper, or, simply speaking, loyading!

However, sooner or later, many couples in love come to the conclusion that it makes no sense to resist the call of nature, and gases are allowed in the presence of each other. The artist of Weng Chen (Weng Chen) also believes that it is absolutely normal. A talented girl from China, drawing comics since 2016, created a fun guide for couples that experience difficulties with the release of gases during their half.

This guide contains several invaluable ways to ease the intestines and not be caught.

List down and learn!

This is probably Juan. * Juan: you end *

The advantages of the last two ways:

Lost gases are easier than simple.

No punishment. Disadvantages:

Require pets or small children.


The cat can revenge.

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