How to buy an apartment in Russia?

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How to buy an apartment in Russia?

I live in St. Petersburg, and this question got up with an edge in front of me about 2 years ago. Neither the parents did not prepare me for this, did not teach any university. And life itself, in addition, gave a couple of complexes and some uncertainty in themselves, with whom I had to pre-fight.

And this is an oil painting: the end of 2017, I, a young specialist with finally a good salary, but without savings, I don’t have anything on dependency and no property, I live alone on a removable apartment with confidence in what now to purchase Housing is not in my power, and when this time comes — unknown.

Nevertheless, despite this, periodically brings the sources of information about improving housing conditions. Created a case, or luck, but I was lucky to meet the real estate agent, which showed creativity and wondered: What exactly prevents people from the use of their access opportunities from them, and how to help people overcome these difficulties.

As it turned out, nothing complicated was, it was necessary only to change the way of thinking, and now I am the happy owner of the odnushki in the house under construction, acquired in a fairly reliable developer. Thanks to the team of the same agent, I, first of all, decided on the purpose of — which housing I want, how I would use it in the future, what will be the mandatory requirements for housing, and that will be secondary, how vital circumstances may be predicted and how I want to dispose of real estate.

All this influenced the choice of the area, the developer and the object. Further disassembled the financial situation — to select a specific apartment, determining the method of payment and choice of a bank for lending. Figures, logic and calculations Better than any psychologist helped me cope with the complexes and finally believe that it is all possible, as well as starting to finally control your budget and spend money reasonably, and specialist help saved a lot of time and nerves when analyzing the real estate market.

Then everything went like on the oil — the mortgage approved, the loan to the primary fee was given, all documents issued. And now the house is built, the developer is sent monthly by a report with photographs from the construction site to me in the post office, and I continue to lend to competently dispose of my finances to close the mortgage ahead of time, get possible tax deductions, and continue to build and implement new plans. And be grateful to those people that they helped me and continue to help!