How to catch squirrel

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How to catch squirrel

If the population of the protein chose your plot and does not give you peacefully live, think about moving the animals somewhere humane. It is clear, to look for them a new housing will have to you yourself, without the help of a realtor, but first you need to catch them. Well, these little creatures, of course, smart and prudent, but you are still Homo Sapires, «King of Nature», so it’s difficult for them to compete. Especially if you know exactly what you need to do.

Track where proteins love to gather. For example, if you have a feeder for birds, they will undoubtedly be supported exactly there, besides much more often than birds. There they have a harevnya, and it is there that you need to install a trap.

Buy a special trap for catching protein, rabbits and other small animals. Western with one door — just what is needed. Look at her local stores for animal or hunters.

Place the trap near the bird feeder or elsewhere on the site where the proteins are more often collected. Secure it on the spot, pressing the heavy stone or brick on top.

Put trap your bait with food, but do not hurry with it. First you need to smear the squirrel to the trap, interest it and achieve, so that it is for a day or two, it is eating with her and got used to looking there in search of food.

Remove the bird feeder and, if possible, all other food reserves on the plot. Now, we have already put the trap according to the instructions attached to it.

Check the trap. Most likely, the protein falls into the trap almost immediately after its activation.

Take the caught protein into the park or country fishing rods and release it on the will.

Repeat Paragraphs 3-7 until you flour all proteins on the site.