How to choose a female bike?

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How to choose a female bike?

Women’s bikes sold in sports stores are the same ergonomic and reliable as men’s. Transport has all the same functions and equipment, only it is designed with the structure of the female body. It is important to know how to choose a female bike to come up perfectly. To do this, you need to focus on several criteria.

To figure out how to choose a female bike, you should know what their differences from male transport are to be.

Women’s bikes usually differ in design. They are brighter and attractive in appearance. And the characteristics of the equipment may be different, because each manufacturer places special requirements for its products.

How to choose a good female bike? To do this, it is necessary to disassemble the design features of transport:

What can I answer the request «help choose a female bike»? It is necessary to focus on the above factors. High-quality transport can cost cheaply. But if there are limitations in the means, then it is possible to reduce costs due to the abandonment of unnecessary accessories and fixtures. But still the technical part of the equipment should not suffer. It determines the service life, safety, as well as the comfort of movement.

If you are interested in how to choose a female bike, you should decide on its purpose. Mountain transport will be ideal with steep rise and descents. Its steering wheel is higher than usual and has a rough surface for high-quality fixation of the hands.

The seat is fixed above and under the tilt. Transport bus is wide, and the frame is heavy. The brake system here is quite reliable, so on any road the trip will be comfortable. The main thing is to have an anterior depreciation fork. Mountain bikes will allow driving comfortable and safe.

Such a bike is easy to care, and also comfortable on trips. At the same time, it has its own design features. How to choose a female bike for the city? The horizontal pipe from his frame is very low, so it will be convenient to ride both in the skirt. Transport has large wheels, high landing and spring-loaded wide seat. It will be comfortable to ride the embankments, parks and the streets of the city.

Bicycles have trunk, wings, foot and hand brakes. Some models have a basket for trifles. With such equipment it will not work quickly. Speeds can be within 1-7. Modes are established depending on the situation.

If you are interested in how to choose a female bike for walking, you should pay attention to the cruiser. This transport has a direct steering wheel, low frame, high weight and wide saddle with vertical adjustment function and horizontal. A small number of speeds is enough for trips around the city. There is protection for the chain, in many models there is a trunk. The cruiser is ideal for quiet walks.

This is an accommodated female bike. How to choose it? This vehicle with a solid frame, curved steering in the form of lamb horns. His wheels are wide, you can install a cargo trunk. Brakes in tick-borne equipment. These bicycles are used to travel along the dirt roads and off-road. They will not be able to develop high speed, but they have resistance to overloads.

What female bike is better to choose for smooth roads? For this purpose, the highway is suitable. Riding will be different at high speed, the main thing is that the coverage is high-quality. This model is lightweight, has a comfortable seat, narrow wheels. She has no posterior and front suspension. As in tourist species, she has a curved steering wheel, which will make riding safe.

How to choose a female compact view bike? Folding transport will be the best assistant. He has compact sizes and a small weight, which allows you to take it with you. In such models, low frame and 1 speed. Although they have modest characteristics, they are still well suited for slow walks.

Conditionally you can allocate 3 price categories of transport:

It is undesirable to choose cheap options, because they are unreliable, the details are made of base materials. The assembly and equipment of such bicycles are often poorly, therefore it will be necessary to repair. How to choose a female bike? It is advisable to focus on the price of 15 thousand rubles. Of these models there is something suitable for beginners and lovers. They have basic equipment. Such transport can be used for standard walks. Restored brands include Stark, Stels, Trek, Stinger.

Up to 50 thousand rubles you can meet bicycles that are most suitable for the ratio of price — quality. They are collected from lungs and reliable elements. They have high-quality assembly and components. You can purchase Merida, Cronus transport. For the price above 50 thousand rubles you can buy a professional version where high-quality spare parts are present. Based on parts of such bicycles — light and durable alloys. Related brands include Cannondale and Giant.

How to choose a female bike for growth? It is necessary to measure its height without shoes, which will allow you to correctly choose transport. Rostovka is called the size of frames of bicycles in inches, centimeters. Frames of large parameters (L, XL, XXL) are made of thick-walled pipes that can withstand a large weight. A small bike has a weight less than 150-200 grams. Transport with a small frame is considered a maneuverable, it is easier to hold vertically.

Each manufacturer is its dimensional grid. If these data is not, then universal indicators are used:

There is another estimated method for determining the Rostovka, which is useful for the purchase of goods through the Internet. To properly decorate the order, you need to change the distance from the groin to the floor (land) and the result in centimeters multiply by 0.66 (highway bike) or 0.57 (for the mountain bike).

If you can experience transport, then it must be done. You can give the following tips on choosing a bike in Rostovka:

How to choose a female bike by weight? With a large weight, you should not buy a large bike. Although large frame models are more durable, but they are harder. After all, then it will be more difficult to move, because of what the passenger will be tired. Especially since the heavy bike will not be able to develop high speed.

It is advisable to buy a mountain or urban bike. Cruiser is suitable. With such models, the back will not strain. If the weight of the passenger is more than 80 kg, you should not buy models with a referenced frame and an elongated week pin.

In addition to bike, you need to buy fixtures that will perform such important functions as:

The necessary thing will be bought. It is necessary to protect against fall. Veloform must be comfortable. T-shirts and shorts are suitable for summer. It is important to have a rear flashlight, which is necessary for alerts on the presence of a cyclist on the road. Flashlight fits perfectly, since the standard device is almost not noticeable from afar.

Required accessories are considered a flask for water and holder. It will not work for a long time to go without water, and the flask will allow it to take it with you without reducing the comfort of ride. Session bag is necessary for the carriage of the necessary things. You will also need a pump that should be fixed in a special place.

Cameras and mounting blades are often broken. So that you can quickly repair, you need to purchase additional devices. Need a set of hexagons. All bolts on the equipment are made on the eccentrics, so these devices are needed for assembly and disassembly.

The cycle-computer is not necessary for everyone, but such equipment will allow you to learn a lot of valuable information about riding. Thanks to him, it turns out to control the speed, distance, turnover, time, as well as calories spent. Wings are a necessary element, since it is thanks to them dirt will not fall on clothes.

The bike is excellent transport for movement around the city. These vehicles designed for women have a special geometry, frame shape, sizes, components. When buying, you need to pay attention to the physiological features of the future owner of the transport.

What are the benefits of cycling? Many women care about the figure, wanting to be slim. Cycling is very well. And for this you need not only a special simulator, but also real walks. You need to go on them regularly, because only then it will get to achieve results.

Bicycle ride brings great benefits. The result will be the tightened figure, pumped muscles, stable heart work. In addition, such an occupation gives pleasure. The benefits of such sports is as follows:

Permanent walks, even short, will allow you to find a tightened figure and a great mood. Therefore, it is important to know what to choose a female bike. It is necessary to choose quality transport for this, on which travel will be safe.

Many are confident that the concepts of «female bicycle» are not, but there is a category «Women’s frame», which must be open. It’s a delusion! The female bike is absolutely not like others, as well, and the girl herself is different from the man.

Most women have a leg longer than in men, the back is shorter, and the pelvis is wider. Therefore, a woman needs a more compact bike: the distance from the seat to the steering wheel should be shorter. So, bicycles that take into account women’s anatomy have short upper pipes and more compact frames. But the seat in women’s bicycles is wider and shorter than men.

The female bike is definitely elegant, with a power direct planting, has a unhurried smoothness of movements. He makes it clear to every species that it was created precisely for the girl. Women’s walking bikes are distinguished by an enlarged wheelbase, wide rims, softer seat. Sometimes they are completed with the automatic speed switching device.

A real bike for a woman is equipped with a lightweight aluminum frame, and the pedals are provided for driving in light sandals. And of course the bike should have the appropriate design (decorative drawings and inserts).

When choosing a female bike, such factors should be considered:

Purpose goal.

For walking, a regular female model with speeds and a comfortable female seat is suitable — City Bike. It is equipped with wings, trunk, rear sleeves with gear shift inside — such a bike almost does not require care. Brakes — foot. Its cost can be very different, depending on the frame and hitch.

Highway bike — Road Racing Bike. It is also designed to drive around the smooth road, but already at greater speed. The wheels of the model are characterized by a diameter of 27 inches.

Mountain bike — Mountain Bike. The difference from the remaining types is manual brakes, wheels, a diameter of 26 or 24 inches, shock absorbers and a greater number of gears.

Tourist bike — Touring, Hybrid. Rubber thicker, you can enter any track on it. Such models combine the ease of highway bikes and reliability, the permeability of the mountain.

Together with the possibilities of the bicycle, its cost is growing. It should be borne in mind that the bike warranty is issued in accordance with its appointment. So, not sports bikes are not provided for jumping or descents from the mountains. If the bike is injured due to not an intended purpose, the warranty service will not be provided.

Those who first decided to acquire a female bike, the purchase procedure may seem a sufficiently difficult task, but in fact everything is different. The main thing is, first of all, pay attention to the most important components of the bike.

Rama is the main part of the mechanism on which all other nodes are attached. It depends on the weight of the bike (therefore it is preferable that it is aluminum), driving quality. Any other detail of the bicycle will be much easier to replace than the frame — it must be the most expensive and high-quality component of the bike.


If the bike is needed for active riding, training or to participate in sports competitions, it should be similar to a male or unisex — he has the same top pipe, it is the same powerful.

The size of a female bike.


Today, women’s bicycles from brands are most popular today: Stark, Trek, Rock Machine, Stinger, Idol, Giant. Companies among the first opened the production of these means of movement precisely taking into account women’s anatomy and offer high-quality bikes, the cost of which depends on their purpose:

This is the lower price threshold for high-quality bike. The lower cost, which is not a promotional or special proposal, indicates that this copy is made of low-line, heavy metals, has been not equipped with poorly equipped and assembled, it has not been tested, so it can constantly need to be repaired.

It should also be remembered that the female bike should not be heavy (most of the models are equipped with aluminum frames and made of light metals) and have a pleasant view — then his owner will be able to feel comfortable for a walk and truly enjoy buying!

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