How to choose a wristwatch. Some Soviets

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How to choose a wristwatch. Some Soviets

Today we suggest talking about wristwatches …
Why about them? The fact is that one of our employees suddenly «punched» on this male accessory, and we thought that this topic would be interesting to our readers who had (or still) such a «attack of Hourmark».

Yes, the clock can be worn like a decoration. Women often do it, but you need not decoration, namely the clock for which you can watch, learn time. And maybe admire, or what?

That is, still decoration, but it is paradoxical — for yourself alone.
And … something is not quite understandable. Something that stretches from childhood, youth … from the USSR?

In general, it is not entirely clear what happened, but you already start considering the windows with a clock, by which they were indifferently passed yesterday, surprised in the soul that they still buys them …

Showcases with clock begin to manham, you start looking for them in large shopping centers …

In short, time came. Therefore, it is not necessary to oppose this — harmful to health, and just let’s breathe a little in the world of hours and seconds, and let’s see what is happening there now.

We will talk about wrist clock. All sorts of walls there, with a cuckoo and we will not consider the fight.

Maybe one day…

Wristwatches for today we have

This we know, say you. But the fact that the mechanical is still produced is for our employee some revelation.
After the appearance of quartz, they had to stay in single specimens for collectors and all sorts of strange personalities, such as those that can sometimes meet in the modern stream of cars on the «victory» or «GAZ-21» Volga.

But no — they are released and sold are still. In smaller, of course, quantity, but it does not look like a release for collectors and other similar consumers.
And prices … how do you watch for $ 30,000?

Let’s from these types of hours and start.
First of all, how to distinguish them in appearance, if the characteristics of this product are not available?
It is more reliable to do this by looking at the mechanism of the hours themselves.
But the mechanism is hidden under the case — you exclaim you (do not scream so much)!
Yes, hidden. But not always.

To emphasize the «coolness» of the owner of the mechanical clock (why the coolness — about it is slightly lower), the manufacturer often makes some part of the case transparent. And it is clearly visible to all these gears that spin-spinning.
Everything is clear — the clock is mechanical.
These are the so-called «skeletons». The fascinating work of such hours can be attributed to the few pluses of these devices.

The manufacturers of quartz clock are not engaged in such things, as they have nothing to boasted.

«Skeleton». Everything is clearly seen … In addition, but not accepted attention to such a trifle

The rear cover can be transparent to show all the mechanism in all Gras. If, nevertheless, there are no transparent parts, then by some inclousable features you can guess that it is mechanics. Not always, but you can.
They can be stylized for old Soviet or somehow hint differently, that the gears are spinning inside.
Like, we are not …

If it still gets to look under the cover of the mechanism, then the main feature of quartz clock will be the battery pack or (very rarely) battery. Mechanics just set gear

In general, mechanical clock

Let’s start by S.

We think enough.

Now O.

Simplified mechanical clock scheme

As you can see, the flaws are slightly larger and they are more substantial. But the fact that the mechanical clock is still in demand suggests that the concepts of «bad-good» is not always amenable to logic.

That is why robots of us, people and do not win, if the global war between people and cars will happen to happen …

Let’s start by S.


We think enough.

Why is quartz watch as practical?
Just because in mechanical, when we start them, the special spring is twisted, which is spinning, activates the mass of the gear. Moreover, it does it not evenly, since the energy of the springs is gradually weakening. To compensate for, you still need gear.

In the quartz battery feeds a quartz block, which gives the team to a small stepped electric motor in a second. He turns the arrows.
Moving parts minimum, and reliability and accuracy above.

In the mechanism of quartz hours of parts, there are few parts, and the load on them is significantly less at the expense of another principle of work.

With this, it seems figured out.
And what do you pay attention to when choosing a clock?

The more you delve, the more different nuances are found, in which you can already be lost.

Forget everything you were taught in school, or rather, forget everything we talked about mechanical and quartz clocks and start from scratch.

First of all, if you buy a watch for yourself, and not for a gift, then the rule here is one thing:

Clock must like

First, rate the appearance, dial, arrows, see how they will look on the hand (it is better to see them live, and not on a beautiful picture of the online store).
In general, if the heart «Eclooked», then it is already possible to go through the rest of the characteristics.

And they are as follows:

This we have already disassembled quite detail, so we skip this item …

Choosing a clock, you can lose sight of such a trifle, but when wearing clocks, it may be a significant factor in the afternoon.

If the choice is wrong, you will simply wear them more and less.
And in the end, they will gently lie in a special box, and even just roll on the shelf or in a drawer among old phones and other trash.

It would seem that the difference is the strap or bracelet if the clock is well sitting on the hand and do not interfere?
But metal bracelets give extra weight and can, with low quality, suddenly lose their link and drop your watches into some kind of enough place.
Someone can annoy the abundance of metal on hand, someone can have banal allergies (and what, doctor, does it happen?)
But a high-quality metal bracelet is more durable and universal in terms of style. That is, suitable for everything.

Metal from which bracelets make can be different, depending on the initial cost of the clock. It is brass, and stainless steel, titanium, as well as precious metals for top models.

The straps are less durable, but for someone more acceptable. They are most often made of leather (natural or artificial).

You can also be seen as a material for a strap and fabric or silicone of various colors.

All this is cracking over time, it breaks, breaks … but there is nothing eternal, so it’s not worth worrying. In any case, such straps, even low quality, rarely rush suddenly, as can happen with a not very good bracelet.
Usually some cracks appear first, and so on …

The material from which the clock housing is most often metallic or plastic.


Plastic black housing. And the color may be any

But the watches in the metal case have a more classic look.

Metal itself can be different.
For inexpensive models it


More expensive is

Titanium case looks slightly matte

There are also exotic cases made from

Watches with a tree body, but ordinary «stuffing»

There are hours with a tree mechanism (except the main spring). But it is already art

And, of course, the housing from the devil metal. From


There are also several options, which the future owner of the clock needs to know.

The cheapest glass is

On the other hand, plastic glass is very durable, well suitable for different extreme situations, and scratches can be stabbed. Yes, and the replacement of such glass will cost not expensive.

Quartz or

In the top —

That is, for sports, tourism — plastic, for other cases — mineral or sapphire.

All hours in their own way waterproof.

But in some it is possible to gently wash your hands carefully, while others allow diving with aqualing for several tens of meters.

But most often we are talking about simple water protection, which allows you to hold your hand in the rain or intensively to listen with physical or other loads.
How to distinguish them? Of course, on the inscription on the dial or on the back cover of the hours themselves.

Meters or atmosphere can be indicated there. The bigger, the better. But also more expensive, of course.

For ordinary urban life enough


100m (10 atmospheres)

During any contact with water on the clock, it is impossible to press the buttons, turn the wheel, translating the arrows, as the water penetrates through these places, and not through the back cover or glass, which is quite sealed even in low-cost hours.

There are, however, special models that make it, but you can hardly have any. For a regular urban resident, this is superfluous.

Clock with such a water refractory allow you to fall under water with scuba to a small depth

Naturally, in the clock, the manufacturer can add some other chips for additional attractiveness.

This is, first of all,

The top button starts-stops the countdown, and the lower reset the result. There are models and with one button, which performs sequentially these three actions.
Little scales on the clock clock count the clock and minutes for you with long measurements of time intervals.

Well, and of course

Some models also have

Clock with chronograph and takhimeter

Other functions, such as, for example,


Liked? Good. Price fits? Perfectly! And now you can see the characteristics …

Waiting for your interesting comments!

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