How to choose suitable garbage clothes

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How to choose suitable garbage clothes

Large women sometimes have difficulty choosing suitable and high-quality clothing. Indeed, you need to take into account some nuances.

How can you facilitate this process?

It is necessary to «argue» by competent advice.

The following recommendations will help you choose the desired clothing, in particular when online shopping.

Types of Figure

There are various types of figures, and each type has their own problems.

So, a woman like «Apple» should not choose the same clothing that a woman like a «pear» — they have opposite needs.

Types of figures can be compared with various objects (apple, pear, and so on) or be called on geometric pieces — a triangle, an inverted triangle, hourglass, a rectangle, oval, and so on.

Spend a few minutes to determine your type of figure. Figure type: how to dress stylish.


Oddly enough, many women do not know their standings, but remember only the size. But the fact is that different stamps may differ sizes. Take a centimeter tape and remove the measurements — it will be useful for you upon purchases.

Your advantages

If you determine the merits of your figure, you will be easier to choose clothes — it should emphasize the benefits and hide the shortcomings.

For example, in women like «Apple» («inverted triangle») wide shoulders and narrower thighs, so they should choose tops that visually reduce the top of the figure to balance the proportions.

For women like «pear» (or «triangle») is true.

Also use various accents to emphasize the advantages and distract attention.

So, clothes with an interesting neckline will attract attention to the neck and chest, distracting it, for example, from excessive waist.

A little practice — and you will learn how to use accents to emphasize the desired and hide undesirable.

Vertical lines

For example, dressed on top of donomis at similar tones, let’s say black or gray, you create a continuous vertical line and, thus, look slimmer.

This does not mean that only one-photo clothing can be used — vertical prints give the same effect, for example, stripes that are combined in color with trousers or skirt.

Another technique that allows you to create a vertical line — cutout in the form of the letter V.

Try not to «break» the shape, putting on, for example, a white top with a black skirt. It is also better to refrain from horizontal lines, especially wide strips.

As a result, the ensemble combining all these recommendations: a top with a V-neck or a vertical print, a monochrome skirt to the knee and shoes of the corresponding color. Also create a more slender silhouette helps shoes on a heel.

However, all these are just general recommendations, you must experiment yourself to choose exactly the solutions for you.

Correct store selection

Choose clothes in online stores, while staying at the same time, very easy and convenient.

However, in order to choose a suitable store, you will need to go through a certain amount of options and take into account various factors in order to reduce the likelihood of an unsuccessful purchase.

Find out which price level in the store, what feedback on this store, can you exchange a purchased thing if it does not suit you and so on.

Using these tips and common sense, you can with pleasure and benefit to buy big sizes in online stores, saving time and money.

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