How to Clean the Bald Iron Surface

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How to Clean the Bald Iron Surface

Iron allows you to quickly smooth out the gum and other fabrics. At the same time, it is often not necessary to make any effort so that the iron remains clean. However, over time, it may turn out that you will spend the iron in delicate tissue, or the iron can absorb fatty traces left on clothes after socks, and then it will cover a rusty film.

If you ignore this moment and continue to iron, the film can leave footprints on the fabrics that your iron will be concerned. To this not happen, we recommend that you regularly inspect and clean the iron.

Place the 2nd teaspoons of vinegar on the rag and wipe it slightly warm iron. Often it helps to remove a light flare.

Make pasta, mixing a quarter cup of food soda with 3 teaspox vinegar spoons.


Wipe the iron with a damp cloth.

Turn on the iron at a high temperature and spend it about the newspaper to remove the remaining flare.