How to create a burner?

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How to create a burner?

The idea of ​​alcohol burner from canning or aluminum bank is not Nova. Such a device has long been used by hunters and fishermen in nature in order to warm up the circle of tea or cook food without dilution of the fire, and in domestic conditions, the alcohol often helps the alcohol when the electricity is disconnected. The alcohol burner from the can is very simple, and if experimenting with its modification, you can adjust the height of flames, the duration of burning, as well as the amount of heat released during fuel combustion. About how to make a burner with your own hands, you can learn more.

For the manufacture of the simplest alcohol, you will need two aluminum cans from under beer or any carbonated water. So that the burner from beer cans does not smoke and did not melt when burning, it is necessary to clean it with sandpaper to get rid of paint. Then it is necessary as part of each of the cans, about 3 cm from the bottom, cut off the stationery knife. The cut slicing line should be smooth, so you can use the marker fixed on a 3 cm high-height to carry out this line, or consolidate the stationery knife in the vice, while turning the jar, cutting off its desired part. Sharp edges of the cut part need to be handled by sandpaper.

In this way, two identical parts of cans need to be connected by inserting one to another. Since they have an equal diameter, the connection can cause difficulty, because Insert one to another you need so that there is no gap between them. Since aluminum is easily deformed, before cutting off the second workpiece, it is possible to pull the cut off, finished part of the future alcohol to the bottom of the whole bank, expanding its edges to the desired diameter.

After both parts are connected, over the perimeter of the top of the alcohol, you need to make holes with a seboard or drill 1-2 mm. They can get 18-20 pieces with the same distance between them. So that the flames climbs up, the edges of the holes need to be a bit up. On the top of the burner, you need to make several holes 3 mm with a diameter for filling alcohol and adjust the internal pressure of the container.

The burner from the beer bank is working with their own hands very simple: 30 ml of alcohol is poured inside, the inlet holes in the center of the top are closed by a coin. The slopes of the alcohol warms up the match, the alcohol pair light up, forming the flames that are out of the holes made around the perimeter.

To make it convenient to warm up water or food on the burner, you need to hold a coat for dishes. To do this, you need to use a jar of slightly larger size, for example, from canned food. It needs to be placed two lines: one at the height of the burner, the second at the height, the burner length is twice. The top of the cans is cut off, and its walls are divided into 12 vertical cuts. From this number you need to leave six pieces, cutting off the extra one. In the center of the bottom you need to make a hole for warming up, and the remaining strips bend inside to the bottom. Stand is ready, it remains only to put an alcohol burner inside it.

In addition, you can use beer aluminum cans, alcohol can be made from a conventional canning can. An excellent will also get a burner from tin cans from under coffee or a custard with a tightly closing lid.

The principle of manufacturing the burner from the can is similar to the described above:

In principle, you can make an open alcohol burner, for this cover is not needed. To do this, you need to insert a plate of tin, rolled around with a circular diameter less than the walls of tin cans. Inside the resulting circle in the center, alcohol poured and set on fire.

As with any combustible substance, the appeal with alcohol requires caution. It is impossible to fill it into the jar to the top, otherwise it can explode. In addition to alcohol, it is not recommended to use other types of fuel. The burner cannot be installed at home on the table, because it can catch fire, and in general, when using an alcohol in everyday life, it is necessary to use a stand for both the burner itself and for dishes. To put out the alcohol, it is necessary to stop access to the oxygen to burning alcohol pairs, for this you can cover it from above the tin lid. It is not allowed to use a burner for heating small synthetic tents.

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