How to create and destroy a love alliance?

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How to create and destroy a love alliance?

In order for the relationship to be strong and long, both partners should understand that the love alliance is not a holiday, but labor. It is necessary to work on the connection to be the same as it wants to see it. By itself, the Union will not be perfect. Partners do it as they have.

So that the relationship has become perfect personally for you, it is necessary that the partner consider your ideal to be yours. In other words, your ideas about ideal relationships should coincide. After that, it is necessary to make an effort to ensure that the relationships become as you see them. As a book itself does not hesitate, so the relationships themselves will not build. Both partners should make efforts to make them perfect.

In fact, for spiritual proximity, it is necessary to exercise sincere interest in the personality of their partner. It is necessary to spend your free time together, to live (or understand) the interests of each other, help, take (love), participate in the development of each other. You and partner must be interesting to each other. You should have a desire to know each other, as well as promote the development and improvement of both lives of both.

Destroy the relationship is simple: do not see your partner — and there is no relationship. Love alliance — when two people spend their free time together, experiencing love and respect for each other. As you stop being a company employee, when you leave, the relationships are destroyed at the moment when at least one of the partners begins to move away from the other.

While both partners want to be together, they will be in a relationship. And if you need to hold someone, it is no longer love. If at least one of the partners is given, the Union ceases to exist. If you have to constantly return your loved one, it is already a sign that there is no love alliance. Relationships exist when a man and a woman want to be with each other. And otherwise it is no longer a relationship.