How to defeat excitement?

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How to defeat excitement?

Sometimes there are situations with us when the breath is intercepting, confidence in gait and voice will be destroyed, the palms are moisturized, the face is glowing and trembling. These are signs of excitement. That is, uncertainty and fear before what is about to happen. How to cope with it?

Try mentally compared what causes excitement, with the end of the world, a disaster, a global flood or even with something global. Didn’t it stand, did not lose the importance of an event that should happen? What is the excitement then? Because of such trifles?

Win the excitement can the idea that the worst thing already happened: you failed the exam, they were talking a bunch of absurdities in the report, you pulled out a tooth, and you had blood. So what? The exam can be rented; Those who heard your report, after an hour they will forget, immersed in their problems, and blood will stop doctors. Nothing deadly and even just dangerous for life did not happen. And worry, actually nothing to do. After all, what you imagined, most likely, and will not happen.

You can dig for the reasons that encourage you so worry. Are you afraid to drop yourself in the eyes of the people around you? Are they so expensive? No? Are their opinion you are infinitely interested? No? Then what is it? Oh, your self-esteem is important to you? Are you afraid to drop yourself in your own eyes? But you and you know that you imagine. And one failure is unlikely to convince you to convince.

Raise your head. Scroll in your head, and better drink a mentally a song in the style of rock and roll, which always brings you and encourages to action. Take the chin. You all know and everything can. So, you will succeed.

After all, otherwise it can not …