How to determine wind speed

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How to determine wind speed

The measurement of wind speed is very important for the prediction of the weather, especially the occurrence of shkvalov and tornado. For the visual determination of the wind speed at its strength on the trees, the water surface, the facilities, and so on, the Beaufort scale is used, but you can get along and easier ways.

Install the fluger. This is a device for determining the speed and direction of the wind. If you fasten the fluger on the roof of the building or on the mast, it will indicate the direction where the wind blows, and its speed will be the greater the stronger the wind.

Purchase a modern anemometer. This device works almost the same as the weather. However, for accurate measurement of wind speed in it, an electrical converter is used. Thanks to it, the wind speed is displayed in the deviation of the arrow on the scale of the anemometer. Various converters are used in various designs. For example, in some it consists of a metal wire, which is heated when wind enhanced, and electronic equipment crosses the wire temperature in the wind speed.

Listen to the weather and weather forecasts from the local hydrometeo center. In addition, the subdivisions of the Hydrometeorus have their own websites on the Internet, where you can also read weather information.

Take advantage of the Dedov method: Lay your finger and hold it in the wind. The stronger the wind, the faster saliva dries. This method can be successfully used when other ways are not available.

Watch for large heavy flags. If they barely pegs, it means that the wind is weak. If they start climbing and straighten into the wind, it means that the wind is intensified.