How to drink mineral water

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How to drink mineral water

The fact that mineral water has therapeutic properties, has been known for a very long time.

For many hundred years, water from natural sources has been used by people to improve health.

For example, in the XVIII century, representatives of the Russian aristocracy came to the mineral sources of Kislovodsk, Essentukov and Pyatigorsk. The study of therapeutic properties of mineral waters is engaged in a special section of medicine, which is called Balneology.

Some types of mineral water requires certain medical testimony. If you drink it without the recommendation of the doctor, you can, on the contrary, harm health.

For use, which depend primarily on which properties are mineral water, the following types are distinguished:

There is another classification that takes into account the ionic composition. In this case, depending on the predominance of certain ions in the composition, mineral water is distinguished:

In the presence of gases, water is distinguished:

A separate classification takes into account the presence of microelements in this case, in this case, mineral water is distinguished:

Water from any mineral source has its own unique chemical composition. Each type of mineral water has certain indications for use that depend on its characteristics and diseases available in humans.

Mineral water can be very different in its composition. Before using therapeutic and dining water, it is worth consulting with a specialist, and therapeutic right to drink only for the appointment of a doctor.

If the label contains information about a large number of mineral salts, refrain from the purchase. Every day, and without appointing a doctor, you can drink only mineral water, which is classified as «dining room».

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