How to drink water to lose weight

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How to drink water to lose weight

Can water help to lose weight? You can lose weight and maintain normal weight, if you know how to properly drink water, using a sufficient volume with its desired frequency and, of course, controlling its quality.

The recommended daily volume is from 1.5 to 2.5 liters. This is 30-40 mg per 1 kg of body weight. In order to determine the optimal volume, it is better to turn to a nutritionist. Do not drink too much! Water used in excessive quantities does not bring you closer to the desired result. No need to check the body for strength. Drinking mode must be organized correctly.

In the amount recommended above, only clean water is taken into account. Other drinks (juices, coffee, tea) do not go into account. Coffee has a property to dehydrate the body, so water (one glass) should be used after a cup of coffee. Drinks containing sugar is better not to drink at all. Refuse sweet carbonated drinks, they contain many extra additives that do not help slimming.

And one more advice: drink water should be an empty stomach immediately after waking up. Do not do any matters until you drink a glass of water temperature. If you wish, you can add some honey or lemon juice. Do not have breakfast before.

It is useful for the gastrointestinal tract and save you from overeating. But immediately after eating, it does not follow, it may prevent the digestive process. You can use water 3-4 hours after protein food and 1-2 hours after carbohydrate.

Now you know how to properly drink water during the day to lose weight.

The above-listed tips will help you return to normal weight.

And so that it is easier to follow the above councils, make it so that the drinking process is associated with pleasant emotions: specially acquire beautiful glasses or cups, turn on good relaxing music and the like.

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