How to drink water

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How to drink water

Until now, there is no single point of view to the question of how much you need to drink water per day.

There is an opinion that the larger the volume of the water, the better: if you drink it more than three liters per day, then it will be useful for the body, will allow it to efficiently get rid of slags and will have a positive effect on immunite.

According to the recommendation of the World Health Organization, people without health problems need to drink water in volume

That is, a person weighing about 70 kg will correctly consume two liters of water per day. People with a smaller weight required less volume.

However, the amount of fluid feeding should be increased during sports, active lifestyle or in hot weather.

Below is a table showing in which quantity to drink water in accordance with the body weight.

There are several ways to determine if the amount of water is sufficiently drinking.

With the dark color of the urine, you need to increase the volume of the flowable liquid.

Another way: you need to see how quickly the skin is smoothed on the outside of the brush after the pin. Put your hand on the table, pinch it, and if the fold on the skin is smoothed out of the way, it means that you lack water.

If this does not happen and the skin is smoothed immediately, you consume a sufficient amount of water.

There are several recommendations on how to properly drink water during the day and how much.

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