How to earn your first money?

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How to earn your first money?

Many people have their first money to earn at a fairly early age. Someone, studying at school, someone already at the institute, and someone even in kindergarten. Let’s see which there are opportunities for earnings on the example of one of our familiar Yaroslav, which when I studied at school worked every summer, starting from the 7th grade.

«They sold Sims with a brother. This rack is still flying away from the wind. And she stood near the large shopping center. And the guards constantly approached us and they said that it was impossible to sell without permission.

Then he worked in the social center. Handymen. It was necessary to improve the territory and all that. It was even listed in the work, officially.

Another work was a pedestal play. Fortunately, in its area. And every week the car brought home the huge pile of newspapers home, and it was necessary to throw them at the addresses and throw into each mailbox.
It was hard to carry, and come back many times go home, uncomfortable for a new portion. Even some times I stole a bag with newspapers, which left on the first floor, to not drag it to the mailboxes on the second.

Well, a typical advertiser. For some reason, it was necessary to photograph every entrance to this announcement. And then this archive photo is sent to the employer and then they will already pay you.

There was still a campaign, before the election. The tasks put walking around apartments and tell about the candidate, plus fill out the questionnaire. And now how many questionnaire will be gathered, for so much and pay. And not all people wanted to give their personal data and especially to put the signature. Then they called on the elections themselves. On the survey voted. It was necessary to stand around the site all day and every hour reported how many people voted for each party.

My latest part-time job, before the main work on which I work at this time was a job in a pharmacy. I combined it with my studies in the technical school, and even worked there for two years. It was necessary to disassemble the goods.
I learned a lot of things even sorts of drugs, I still use these knowledge, and yourself to treat yourself, and relatives. «