How to easily and quickly become a happy person, without applying for this effort?

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How to easily and quickly become a happy person, without applying for this effort?

A person wants to do anything, while achieving significant results. Many will say that it is impossible. The share of truth is in it: if a person does not change the image of his life, then nothing new will appear. But we will not reject that experience that man has already received. It is it that can be used to achieve cherished desires.

Everyone has stories where he reached some goals. For example, a woman met with a man who loved her; The man worked at the enterprise where he paid a lot; The child studied well. Each reader has its own individual examples from the past where he was happy. It is these stories that you need to do to find your happiness again.

How did a woman behave when he met a man who loved her? What skills a man possessed, how did he pretend to be to work? How did the child perceived school subjects, how long did you pay for their study? In other words, a person must return to the state in which he was when he was able to achieve success.

Many will say that success in the past is not good enough. Undoubtedly, people cannot boast that in the past they have all desires were embodied. However, it is the last experience that shows a person on which platform can be to repel on it and strive for big results.

If someone wants to make less effort, while achieving those successful results that he had ever had, he only needs to take advantage of the existing experience. To do, show qualities, look at the world as it was in the past, when he reached the goals and felt happy.

Being on this platform, you can think about achieving big results. Here, all the same will have to make efforts, perhaps, are large. If you want to achieve what has never happened, then you have to «go.» Man does not know how to deal with her success. However, if he teach himself, being on the platform, where he is already happy, then he will work out a lot.