How to feed in the fall in the wilderness

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How to feed in the fall in the wilderness

Autumn in wildlife is quite suitable for survival. Rhizomes of plants for a warm period have accumulated a lot of nutrients. In the forest you can find nuts. Pay attention to fish and game. Eating insects can help survive. Trees, though not very nutritious food, but will not let you die from hunger. Autumn is also rich in berries and fruits. But, most importantly, autumn food is mushrooms.

Plants can enable their body to fill their organism. The emphasis during this period is no longer done on the grass, as they are less juicy, compared to the summer. But the roots of some plants have accumulated a plurality of nutrients needed for intensive growth in spring. Well, if you managed to run into a rogoz. It is always a good way to restore forces. The reed is also a very good plant for eating. Reed — a suitable plant for the «survival». At this time there is a blank of the roots of dandelion and burdock. But you can find and suitable seeds for eating.

Trees can also give a valuable product used for food. Nuts, aches. The needles of pine and ate can become a source of vitamins. Well, if quite a tight with food, you can use the second bark of trees.

Berries, except nutrients, give the body a large stock of vitamins. During this period, it will be easier to find: rowan, rosehip, cranberries, lingonberries, blueberries.

If you managed to catch game — wonderful. You can eat almost all game. Even these rodents, like mice and rats, can be eaten. You can still use frogs and snakes. No need to explain what to do with fish if you manage to catch it.

Mushrooms in the fall, this is the most accessible kind of food. After the warm rainy days of them in the forest most. But they need to know very well, because among mushrooms you can find poisonous. Even edibles are better not to eat if they are very old, rotten or damaged.

All new and unfamiliar needs to be used only in extreme cases. It is necessary first to check the body’s reaction to a new product. Carefully try to taste if he is not alarmed, you can try a little piece and wait for the body’s reaction for about ten o’clock. If the well-being did not deteriorate, you can eat more, but a little.

In general, it is better to focus on different food products, because so we can replenish the body with a large number of minerals, vitamins and nutrients.