How to feel good next to your family

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How to feel good next to your family

Do you feel upset, offended, be angry with some members of your family? Do you have mixed feelings regarding how to spend time with parents, brothers and sisters, children or relatives? Well, you are not alone. Family problems are especially manifested during the New Year and Christmas holidays.

Family psychologists often face their sessions with mental pain, family troubles of many men and women. People usually have a sense of guilt, anger, fear, pain and sorrow due to the fact that they sometimes simply do not want to communicate with their relatives.
For example, Larisa is a teacher of forty-three years old, complained that one part of her consciousness wanted to spend time with her parents, brothers and sisters, but another part wanted to stay aside. Solve Dilemma Laris helped the process of holistic and fast conversion

A woman needed to close his eyes, to imagine that the family stands ahead, ask no fear of any consequences of only one question — «What do you want to say to them?».

Larisa first remained calm. Then she cried. After she let go of her sadness, the psychologist suggested to complete the offer «I am so painful when you …». Larisa whispered: «I hurt so hurt when you criticize me.» Then she screamed: «Stop criticize me! I am constantly not good enough for you! You always make fire for everything I do, to all people in my life. I am tired of this! Leave me alone. If you love me, why do you do it? I just want you to love and accepted me! «.

Then the therapist sent Larisa by the time she decided that it was not good enough. A little girl was five years old, her mother screamed at her, because she did not put the table straight. Mother did not first criticize the baby. However, at that time Larisa took everything too close to the heart.

A family psychologist suggested Larisa to release this negative memory, to imagine that the laser beam burns it. The therapist advised the woman to change those details of the memories that she did not like, caused pain. Larisa imagined that the mother with love said such words: «Dear, you worked well, I really like everything you did.» This second Larisa felt much better. She realized that with her everything is in order, no matter what someone said or did, she realized that people had different opinions, and should not take some things too close to her heart.