How to find out in a surname in the surname for free, as well as other ways to find out the place of residence

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How to find out in a surname in the surname for free, as well as other ways to find out the place of residence

How to find out the spookice of a person according to the name as you know the place of registration of a person according to the name in many people arise in to find out the address of a person by his last name. Situations and reasons can be different, someone is looking for relatives or old friends, with whom he had long lost the connection, and someone needs to find a non-payment of alimony.

For this there are several proven and effective ways that you can use and find out the address of a particular citizen. The reasons for the search Before you begin to find out how precisely, it is possible to find out the address of a person according to the name, it is necessary to deal with the reasons why the need arises to do.

They look like this: a person is filed a lawsuit, he committed an offense and must be found. The face shies away from the payment of alimony. Search for heirs who are indicated in the will of the deceased relative. Restoration of communication with long missing relatives or friends.

When buying a living area on the secondary market to make sure that no one is registered in the apartment.

When selling real estate to obtain a certificate of registered citizens. In order to find out the address for which a person is prescribed must know his exact name. How to find out the function of a person in the name of the search duration, as well as their result, largely depends on how much information is known about this person.

A regular citizen has much less opportunities for the positive outcome of the search than government agencies. Independently finding a person only by his name is very difficult, but if you make great efforts, it is possible.

The important role is played as far as the surname of the wanted citizen is common. In the event that there are data on its patronymic, as well as the name, the search procedure is largely simplified. The search geography is no less important as, knowing the specific region, where he lives, find it will be easier.

If the district or city is known, it will further facilitate the search compared to those if you look for it throughout the country. Who requests information the speed with which a citizen will be found according to the name depends on who is looking for it.

Information on where a person is registered may request: organizations issuing loans if the wanted face took a loan. State of the traffic police. Employees engaged in personnel policies of the organization in which a wanted person is listed. Social services. Prosecutor’s Office.

When information on registration wants to find out a private person, and not one of the listed organizations, the procedure is much more complicated. The thing is that the personal data of each citizen is classified and under the protection of the legislation of the Russian Federation. In order to obtain data on registration of any citizen, one name and surname is not enough, you need data of his passport.

How can you find out where a person is prescribed by his passport data? What is the penalty for an overdue registration? Read in the article. Today, there are several effective ways today to find out information about the address of the Citizen’s Citizen’s address independently: contact the telephone directory.

Apply to the FMS authorities. Contact your help desk. Through the Internet. Thus, it is possible to recognize the information about a person.

Through the telephone directory, if you turn to the directory, then the person name is indicated there, the number of the stationary phone and the address for which he lives. To find out the address of the registration, you must have information about the city in which a wanted person lives.

This method is ineffective, due to the fact that only the address of the permanent position of the citizen, which is the owner of the housing in the telephone directory. All other prescribed family members who have the same name, are not specified in the phone book.

In addition, it is impossible to know the address of a person having a temporary registration. And the most bad in this method is that the information indicated in this directory is often irrelevant due to the fact that the citizen could change the place of registration.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, any citizen living in Russia is obligatory undergoing registration at the place of residence and even those who have a temporary residence permit. All issues related to constant or temporary registration are governed by the Federal Migration Service.

This organization has an extensive database, which includes all divisions of the state passport and visa service. To make a request to the FMS, it is necessary: to come with your civilian passport to the nearest FMS department at the place of registration.

Fill the special form of the state sample. It requires you to specify all the information that is known for a person, the reason for the search and data of your passport.

Apply. Receive on time to assign representatives of the FMS all the necessary information about the place in which a wanted citizen is registered. This procedure is on average ranks from 15 to 30 days. Personal application is not mandatory.

How to request a request to the Reference Bureau Addresses and phone numbers of reference books Easy to learn on the Internet. To request a request, you will need to: figure out the address of the nearest reference bureau. Come to this address.

Fill out an application in the form of which you need to specify information about a wanted face. Near the appointed time to the Reference Bureau and get the necessary information. In the event that several persons are discovered on request, then all the necessary information will be issued by the reference bureau on all the citizens found.

Through the Internet, try to find out the address of the wanted person through the Internet can be quite simple. After all, today, a huge number of residents of Russia is registered on social networks, such as classmates, VKontakte and Facebook.

They often leave their real data during registration, addresses of residence and mobile phone numbers. You can simply enter the name and surname of the wanted person in any of the search engines and its account will be displayed by one of the social networks.

The problem is that people with that surname and the name may be quite a lot and not everyone puts their real photos. But at least this method has the right to life and with a successful circumstance to find a person and find out his address is possible.

There is also another option if the data on citizen is unknown, but the number of its car is known, then you can go to the traffic police portal and submit a request. The difficulty of finding a person according to the name is that he, for example, is temporarily registered.

The most popular resource, where you can learn from the residence of a person is Rosreestr. According to the Inn, you can learn quite a lot of information on the INN number, but it concerns more legal entities, it will be much more difficult about an individual to find out something.

This is what exactly it turns out to learn at the Number of Inn: on the first four digits, the region is issuing this document. The following six digits allow access to personal data of an individual. The remaining two digits are access to simplified data.

To find out the address of the person in the Inn, you will need to submit a request to the Tax Service of the Russian Federation, and everyone will get the necessary information. To obtain the desired information, a citizen who submits such a request must confirm the ownership of the residential premises.

Another option is possible that the applicant has the powers of his actions on behalf of a person who is related to the disputed residential area. There is also an opportunity to arrange an indirect request, whether there is a debt from a wanted person on tax payments.

The number of month and year of birth is not necessarily filling, but by date of birth you can narrow the search and more accurately identify a person. There you need to enter the name of the wanted citizen and press the key to find, the system will issue a list of all debtors, the production number and the subject of execution.

Next, you should carefully view the information received and find the data of the person being checked if they are. How much can you live without registration? Where to get a form of 8 on registration of a child? See here. Responsibility for the illegal receipt of information on the legislation of the Russian Federation, the private life of any citizen is inviolable, for violation of this law, criminal punishment under Article Ukrf is envisaged.

A citizen who collects and distributing information about a person collected by illegal methods is obliged to incur such types of punishments: a fine in the form of a fixed board. From it can recover income for the period established by law. Punishment in the form of referral to mandatory correctional work. Prohibition of professional activities.

Deprivation of liberty. In order not to violate the law, you need to adhere to only the permitted methods for finding a person, which was mentioned above.

As you can see, there are quite a few such methods and each of them is effective in its own way. You can search for both independently and using authorized organs, they act many times faster, and the search for the most likely will lead to a positive result. Everyone must remember that illegal methods of finding information about a person in our country are considered a criminal offense and are prosecuted.