How to get into work after vacation?

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How to get into work after vacation?

There is such a concept as post-selling syndrome. He occurs when leaving leave to his workplace, with it it is difficult for you to immediately join the workflow, you quickly tire, are inattentive and scattered. According to statistics, all over the world only a third of all people easily enters the working rhythm after a long rest.

The reason for post-selling syndrome — chart fails 5/2: Your body has become accustomed to a five-day labor week and a two-day rest, and when you go on vacation, the mode is knocked down. Catch the work rhythm is very difficult, and therefore you can experience some discomfort.

Psychologists recommend planning their vacation in such a way that you return from travel a couple of days before going to work so that the body has time to adapt and pass acclimatization. It is best to go to your workplace from the middle of the week, and not from Monday. So it will be easier for you to postpone post-vacation days.

While you rested, a lot of things have accumulated, but do not rush to rush to work with your head, do everything gradually, do not delay after the end of the working day, otherwise the likelihood of any errors are high. Follow the right nutrition: Fast Food only hurts your adaptation after vacation. Eat more vegetables and fruits — Vitamins will not interfere with your body.

It is interesting that women are experiencing post-selling syndrome much easier than men. This is due to the fact that representatives of the weaker sex do not notice it, since the first days after entering work, they are spending their impressions of rest with their colleagues.