How to get rid of bags under the eyes and the reasons for their appearance

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How to get rid of bags under the eyes and the reasons for their appearance

Bags under the eyes do not paint a person at all, they immediately make it older for several years. To effectively deal with this problem, it is necessary to start determine the reason for the appearance of bags.

Causes of bags of bags

The most common causes of appearance of swelling under the eyes are lack of sleep, fatigue and stress. Sensitive and thin skin around the eye instantly reacts to adverse conditions, the subcutaneous fiber accumulates the liquid and the edema is formed.
It is often possible to notice this in the morning after the party. Fortunately, these bags and swelling can be easily eliminated by a full-fledged rest and sleep, not even resorting to additional measures.

Every person after crying swells their eyes. Quickly with this can be copped in a few minutes using contrasting compresses with two towels: one is in a cup with hot water, the other is cold. Alternally apply them to face, you can significantly reduce swelling and redness. Then it is necessary to put a compress from the grated raw potatoes or fresh cottage cheese to the area under the eyes and hold thirty minutes. After the procedures, you can go outside and even go on a date: there will be no swelling under the eyes.

Swell the eyelids and due to heart disease and kidney. In this case, it is necessary to do everything so that the edema is not, otherwise the thin skin is stretching under the eyes, it will be possible to get rid of bags only with the help of surgical intervention.

Using moisturizing creams during this period is not recommended. It is best to apply a cream with a lifting effect, which will help remove an excess liquid and make the skin more elastic.