How to get rid of rats without using poison

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How to get rid of rats without using poison

If near your home (or even worse — inside), a rat was started, your first gust could be a call to the control of pests, but the specialist will no longer. But you can catch a rat for yourself, while not resorting to poisons and chemicals. Best patience, time, bait and several traps for rats, and you can catch a rat, spending much less money than when charging a professional. Rat’s catch can take about 2 weeks.

Put a trap where the greatest amount of rat litter has accumulated, but not yet install. Let the trap lie on the place four days.

On the fifth day, put a bait trap, still without installing it on calf. Let the rat get used to the trap so that she does not avoid it.

Put a trap fresh bait-food (for example, peanut butter), put the trap and gently put it on the ground.

When you hear how the trap worked, immediately put on the hands of rubber gloves. Put the rat corpse into the double plastic package. Close the package and throw away the rat in the trash can on the street.

If you have other rats nearby, repeat steps 1 to 4 until you catch them all. Before using the trap again, clean it with a means of a domain type.