How to hack the castle? How to open a door lock without a key?

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How to hack the castle? How to open a door lock without a key?

Modern manufacturers of locks are increasingly perverted in attempts to invent more reliable, more hacking mehs. This only speaks that there will be skillful hands on each castle that will open it.

Note! All instructions in the article are informative and are designed to help in case of your keys. Remember that penetration and hacking punishable by law!

Today, the most common type is a mechanism with cylindrical constipation. The mechanism is very simple, but nevertheless you need to understand how it works to understand how to open a lock without a key. They are often used in interior doors in offices and residential premises.

Everyone, who has a little hands grow from the right place, can open the door lock without a key. Naturally, solely for educational purposes 🙂

As you can see in the picture from above — the mechanism to the pain is clear. There is a locking cylinder that rotates several pins of different lengths. By inserting the key, the teeth lifts the pins to a certain height (individual for each pin) and the cylinder can be freely checked. All pins are pressed on top of the springs, because after you have taken out the key, the pins are again in its original position.

And now the long-awaited moment. You closed the child at home and lost the keys. Exclusively for noble goals, how does the watchman Anatoly hack the door lock? Naturally, his task is to raise all the pins to the desired height. This is done very simple.

Remember how in films? Insert one hole, holding it with one hand, we insert the second, something now and voila! Castle is open! What are we doing? The first latter is a blade, its role can play an elementary screwdriver or a narrow plate, not important. Its task, turn a slightly shut-off cylinder, thereby pressing the pins to the wall and do not give them calmly to fall under the action of the springs.

The second latter is any kind of hook, made in the form of the letter «g». Our task is alternately raising the pins until they become in the right position. Remember that all the time you create a small tension, trying to turn the cylinder, and in parallel lifting the pins to their pressure. Mechanics are extremely simple.

Now it becomes clear how to hack the castle with a paper clinch or stud. Genne her letter «g», turn the cylinder to the stop and lower all the pins with a clip / stud.

For a visual understanding, I advise you to watch the video, how to open the lock input door lock without the key:

But this is all «jewelry» ways that do not leave behind traces. And if there is a need to urgently get inside? There is nothing easier. All such castles have their weaknesses. What exactly? These are the places of attachment of cylinders. I clearly advise you to see in a small video: how to open the lock without a key:

We will analyze first how to open the hinged lock without a key. You need to understand the difference between the «discovery» and «hacking». The second does not imply its further use. In mounted castles, the price plays a key role. The mechanism is more expensive — the less he is susceptible to hacking.

There are several ways of hacking, depending on the design of mounted mehnism. Let’s look through the main.

At the hinged locks, the design is similar to conventional locks with cylindrical constipation. Pins are included in the holes on the cylinder and do not give it to turn. By inserting the key, we remove each IDU on a certain depth and a cylinder can make a turn.

The weak point of the mounted castle is not its material, but the way to hold the arrangement in the closed position. The arrow is held by the pin, which in the closed position is inserted into the groove of the alignment, as shown in the picture.

Let’s start with the cheapest Chinese castles. Their design of the cylindrical mechanism is so primitive that even opens with a knife. In the same way, you can open a bicycle lock without a key. An example of opening a Chinese mounted lock without key is shown in the video below:

More expensive options are slightly harder, but they have the same closing mechanism. It will not work out with the help of a knife, but you can go on the other side and try to move the locking pin, not the touch of the cylinder itself with Pins.

To do this, we climb into the gap between the brake and the box, and move the pin to the side. Many people know this method, it is done with tin cut from a beer bottle.

You can use the opening technology described in the first section, i.e. Using bars. You need to start with a simpler option — to move the locking pin, without turning the mechanism itself of the lock. It works not with all models of locks, mainly with budget Chinese models.

We will need a launder made of paper clips, hairpins, handles of keys or steel wire. From it you need to unhand the hone as shown in the figure below.

Next, we set the launder to the easiest of the castle mechanism, until it stops, passing all the pins. When we stand in a locking pin, you need to turn the clips to move it aside. Vitely how to open a hinged lock without key shown in the video:

Above there were examples of opening without consequences for the castle itself. But there are more rude methods of hacking, if there are no spare keys, and the lock is not expected to further use. The coarsest methods of hacking the mounted castle are to cut off the bareguck or snack with nipples with a large shoulder. We will not dwell on them in detail.

Another option is to disrupt all the pins on the cylinder, so that it can turn freely.

You can break them drill. We take a drill on the diameter of the key, and drill all the pins until it stops until the cylinder starts to rotate freely.

If the drill is not able to use, you can make a manual device to open a hinged semicircular lock without a key. It is made from the contraction for the screwdriver. Remember, we will tear metal castle fastening pins, because Chinese penny bits do not fit in mind the lousy.

The tool will not be disposable, because do not save on the bit. Using a grinding stone, it is necessary to pull out the drill bit from the end of the bits, which will be screwed into the lock and tear each disk of the locking mechanism.

Visually see these methods can be in video:

Let’s deal with how to hack the code lock if the code we do not know. The first way is the easiest, it is suitable for attached code locks. Its essence is as follows: In the closed state, all digital discs rotate freely, but if you pull the lock with the castle, the voltage is transmitted to digital discs and the rotation is hampered.

In the photo above, you can see the model of operation of the code lock. Having lined up all the grooves in a row, the mechanism opens. And under the voltage we can feel when, when scrolling the digital discs, the desired number falls out. It is clearly shown in the video:

And further:

There are mechanisms when the voltage is not transmitted directly to the discs. For example, code locks on suitcases. But they are simple enough to open them.

It is necessary to arma us only with a flashlight and carefully examine digital discs. There are always grooves on them, to keep the locking pin, and you need to look. You can climb a knife or needle in a slot near the disk and, rotating the disk, grop out. Examples of opening code lock on a suitcase Look in the video:

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