How to Kakak?

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How to Kakak?

Scientists from the United States made an unusual application for how to correctly cope with the need for the toilet.

Only 1% of the population of the Earth copes the need for great without clothes on the body.

Mostly, these are residents of low-armed countries living in tribes. Dermatologists from the United States focused on the fact that such a method has several advantages.

At first,

In addition, it is not necessary to mess with the belt or to worry that feces will not go there. American dermatologists emphasized that this method benefits the skin, because it is significantly resting from clothes.

Psychologists argue that such a way helps to get rid of fear to move the naked, which is useful when sex with representatives of the opposite sex.

Metabolism improves, the metabolism takes place without failures, because the belt does not press much on the stomach.

All these recommendations were given scientists from the clifford dermatological center in the United States.

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