How to learn how to save money?

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How to learn how to save money?

It is difficult to start to save when it seems that the amounts are so small that they will not really make anything with them and half every cells. But as soon as at least 30,000 rubles appear on a storage account, then just just a soul warms to see that you have savings that they grow and themselves bring up that for a black day you always have a airbag. Even with passion then copy.

Initially, bank deposits helped me in the accumulations, especially very beneficial in Tinkoff at one time. Now I have already met the IIS and bonds on which the yield is higher than bank deposits, and which can be sold at any time without losing interest.

It is important from salaries immediately planned part to translate to a savings account so that it does not count and not spend. It is also useful to make a separate target account for entertainment and actively use it. And let yourself charity. Then the save will be nice.

In order not to break, the first time is the self-discipline, and then they draw and you get pleasure.

It is very important not to take into loans with their frantic interest, but to live on earned.

Irrenestly recommend the video on YouTube and books of Bodo Schäffer on financial literacy and independence. These are really useful and well motivating materials.

According to IIS, a big plus that you can get a tax deduction in addition to coupons on bonds. But minus (for many at the same time and plus) that money can be removed from the account without losing the received deduction only three years after opening an account. In general, a very good thing who wants to deal with the topic of investments, I recommend.