How to learn to choose

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How to learn to choose

Inability to choose fraught with the most unpredictable consequences. The one who shifted this responsibility on the shoulders of society, loved ones, anyone, not only, is doomed to suffer all his life and in any situation. Because he lives under the influence of those who manipulate them for their own benefit. Who does this option for the development of events do not suit, should learn to choose, no matter how difficult or scary, and anyone is capable of learning.

Whatever the target before you, you can not do without patience and confidence in the positive result. It is impossible to fulfill the conceived when you do not believe in yourself, constantly doubt and are looking for reason why it will not work. No matter if you want to get rich or learn something, nothing will happen without faith.

Therefore, decided to learn how to choose, do not allow doubts to infiltrate your confidence in success. Move them, disdain them, get distracted by something, just do not delve into them and do not try to analyze them. Otherwise, instead of directing all the forces to achieve the result, you will fight again and again with your own fears and uncertainty.

To reduce the negative impact of fears that interfere with making decisions, teach themselves immediately analyze what you are afraid, which makes doubt the result. Maybe due to self-satisfaction, low self-esteem, constant criticism from parents, close or surrounding. If so, look for a way to eliminate a similar negative and obviously destructive influence.

Stop trying to be good for everyone, try to deserve someone recognition and approval. You deserve love just because you are you with all your advantages and disadvantages. Love does not require victims and does not accept them. So I don’t like what hear or see — say right away, do not silent, do not try to be correct. Be yourself. Allow yourself to have your own opinion, other than the opinion of the elders, parents, partners, girlfriends and even society.

Learn to live your head, make your own mistakes, are not afraid to try, fall, rope and endure pain and suffering. Please accept the fact that the world is so arranged and the person is forced to endure, and worry, and wait, and despair, and rejoice, and believe, and hope, and fight, and argue to hoarseness, if something does not like something.

Everyone has the right to have their own position on any issue and arguments for its protection. It is impossible to learn to choose when you limit yourself in everything and try to squeeze into the framework created by someone, whatever good intentions of their existence justified.

People are created to search, analyze, think, make decisions, fulfill them and even give up them. They have the right to be illogical, change their opinion when they understand that it was mistaken. Often, man wants to be stubborn and stand on his, simply because he wanted so much and if it leads to problems and quarrels, it means that he will be responsible for his behavior and words. But it will be his decision and his choice, and not someone else.

It is impossible to live without cooling, without making a mistake without trying, to do in one way, or having received a good result or bad. Without errors and samples, it is impossible to know either your place in this world, nor the way you want to live.

Allow yourself to be wrong, bad, good, different, unpredictable and spontaneous. Stop thinking that your life is less valuable than your parents, loved ones, children or society. You are as important as they. Each has its own life, your way.

You are responsible for yourself and you pay or receive dividends for the decisions taken, and not to someone. So it is better to make decisions yourself, then to know exactly how it is not necessary to do or how it is necessary for you. Neither for them, and for yourself learn to choose.

Yes, it is often easier to shift responsibility for failure for someone, so people are often listening to others. But this not only facilitates life, but also imposes her. Since the decision you adopted could be much better.

In the end, we all are not eternal: the parents go away, the beloved too, the power and social foundations are replaced, and all his life will not be one who keeps his hand all the time and says what to do. Think about it, and then it will become much easier to take responsibility for your own life. Otherwise, you risk the crash when the time comes and will have to make decisions yourself, and you will not know how to do the best for yourself as the best way.

In order to succeed in life, understand yourself and your true desires, find your own way and every day to meet with joy, you need to be able to choose. Any situation requires a decision, even if it seems that this is not the case, we still make a choice — do nothing. Therefore, any solution that can have a significant impact on our fate must be taken consciously, and then in independence from the result obtained, you will learn to take responsibility and find the best solution to the task set before you. And this is a direct way to success.

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