How to make a disinfecting spray do it yourself

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How to make a disinfecting spray do it yourself

Our house is full of different microbes and bacteria. In order to protect itself and their loved ones from possible diseases and infections caused by microorganisms, it is necessary to carefully disseminate the surrounding space.

This homemade disinfectant was created by scientists from Virginia, in order to kill Salmonella in meat and vegetables. But in fact, the scope of its application is not limited to this: this means will easily destroy microorganisms that cause influenza and cold.

Hydrogen peroxide solution.

Not divorced white vinegar.

One sprayer (sprayer).

Two nozzles for the sprayer.

The hydrogen peroxide solution is very photosensitive, so it is sold in dark bottles. Do not overflow this solution in a spray bottle: Instead, put the nozzle for spraying right into this bottle. For your convenience, you can pour the solution into a darkened bottle more. Always keep hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in different containers. Do not mix these two components: together they form a new chemical compound that weakens the action of the spray.

Keep a bottle with hydrogen peroxide in one hand, and in the other — with vinegar. Fill the sprayer with undiluted white vinegar. Splazinate on the surface you want to disinfect, first hydrogen peroxide, and then immediately vinegar. These two components will quickly kill all microbes in your home.

This spray was designed specifically for the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms in food, but you can disinfect them with anything. He will be especially useful for you if the house is sick. But if you really want to disinfect fruits and vegetables, then after disinfection, rinse them with water to eliminate the smell unusual.

This simple homemade disinfecting spray will protect your home from the attack of microbes and bacteria with the onset of cold weather, will make it clean and hygienic.