How to make a hidden camera from the phone: a few secrets

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How to make a hidden camera from the phone: a few secrets

If you have a desire to build inexpensively video monitoring, you can learn about this in the instructions on how to make a hidden camera.

Of all ways to build video devices with your own hands — this is the cheapest.

Even if the battery does not work in your phone, charging and other parts, it turns out a great hidden camera from it. At the beginning, the assembly of a stabilized block that is responsible for food is necessary.

It will be appropriate to use a network transformer for these purposes. It must have a voltage of about 3.5 volts and a current force of about 800 mA. Excellent if you own MGTF wire.

If not, get it in the store or on the market. You will need about a hundred meters of such a wire for the manufacture of the camera. The use of a lacquered single-core wire will also be appropriate.

For this you need:

You can use the broken camera to create a case. The housing must have tightness. The box will protect your device from the environmental factors.

Installing the camera does not take much time: place it in the room or room where you plan to vote video.

You can also use one of the soft toys as a place to hide the camera. You can consolidate it using a tape or epoxy resin.

If you use the power supply, not the battery, then follow the voltage. It should not be more than four and less than three and a half volts.

It is more profitable to use the battery.

Take advantage of your phone, turn on the imagination and, you can build a beautiful and inexpensive video surveillance chamber.

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