How to make a magic wand

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How to make a magic wand

People, seriously engaged in magic, believe that the magic wand can be made of any material. It can be a tree, plastic, stone. For those who are just starting to study the basics of magical knowledge, it is recommended to use a tree. After all, in magic, the energy of different types of trees has one or another force.

To find the appropriate branch of a tree to create your unique magic wand, you should go to the forest. It is believed that the branches collected in the settlement are not suitable for committing such a ritual. City negative energy kills their strength. To make magical actions, it is best to take branches of oak, birch, cock, willow or chestnut. Spruce, pine and masin branches are not suitable, as they instead of to give energy, absorb it from the surrounding space.

Selecting the branch of a tree worth listening to himself: the heart should tell you, what tree should be stopped. Choosing a tree, you need to say the words of the request: «A beautiful and mighty tree, let me take advantage of your branch for the fulfillment of the magic of good, for the benefit of me and others. Invest in it all its strength and energy! Thank you!»

Choose the most beautiful, smooth branch. After you cut it, it is necessary to give something to the tree in return. You can pour it with water as a sign of gratitude or decorate a beautiful ribbon.

Then your magic wand should be devoted. So that she acquires witch magic properties, on the night, when the full moon goes to the sky, take your wand and, going up to the window, say, turning to the luminarity: «Moon and a tree! Fill my magic power to my magic wand so that she can fulfill any my desire, for the benefit of all living on earth! «

After that, the ritual of dedication wand needs to be left on the window until the morning. When you wake up, the wand will be filled with magic power. Additionally, you can decorate it at your discretion, but in no case can it be lacquer! She was filled with lively energy of life and should breathe. Now you can safely make your first desire!