How to make a safe detergent

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How to make a safe detergent

In order for your home to answer hygienic requirements and the smell of freshness was smelling in it, you do not need to buy a bunch of chemical cleaning agents. There are enough three popular components available in every home to prepare a universal detergent. It is effective, cheap and safe for us and the environment. How to do it? The recipe for fluids is simple.

In a bottle (better with sprays) pour hot water, leaving a place for other components. So that the ingredients are well mixed, shake it energetically. Eco-liquid for washing ready!

It is possible to use it for cleaning throughout the house, ranging from the tile in the bathroom and in the kitchen, ending with wooden floors. Since this is a means — an environmentally friendly product (all products are natural), then it is possible to use it even when cleaning the children’s room, boldly rubbing not only furniture items, but also children’s toys.

It is worth remembering that, in addition to vinegar and borants, excellent detergents (and at the same time cheap and reliable) are: Food soda, citric acid (or lemon). Therefore, it is worth always to have them in home reserves.