How to make a shape slimmer

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How to make a shape slimmer

Not all women are satisfied with their forms. They dream of seeing the perfect figure in the reflection of the mirror. It turns out, not all is lost. Only worth sticking to the tips to help achieve an excellent result.

First of all, attention should be paid to the bottom linen. Underwear must be corrective. Such underwear reduces her waist, lifts the chest, pulls the stomach.

If a woman has full hips, then wide pants will hide this feature of the figure. With such a figure, an open-rized dress is indispensable. Not bad in the wardrobe to have a tunic.

Women with a wide waist should give preference to a wide belt. The narrow belt emphasizes the waist, but if it is narrow.

Not very slender women need to have monotonous outfits in the wardrobe. If a woman wants to have a thing with a pattern, it is better to give preference to vertical elements. Black colors makes a shape slimmer, but a woman in black looks older than its age. Black color must be diluted with light ornaments. You can use bright jewelry, beautiful cervical handkerchief, original belt. A bright bag is perfect for black alongside.

The triangular neckline of the dress or sweater makes the top of the body more slim. The neck will look at the original and bright decoration.

If a woman has full hands, then the sleeves must be in clothes. Without them, the hands will seem fully, and the shoulders look wider.

Special attention should be paid to the shoes. High heel shoes visually make the silhouette above. Feet in such shoes look longer.