How to make an exciting anime suit with your own hands?

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How to make an exciting anime suit with your own hands?

In order to make an anime-suit, a variety of materials and tools are necessary. Some of the materials you need include: plastic styrene sheets, contact glue, hot glue, insulating tape and thread.

The first step is to make you a layout of your future costume of newsprint or cardboard. To do this, find the perfect photo of your anime character, take a look and carefully study his suit, because you have to create the same from scratch. Try to draw your costume, make it a template, it will help you check if your costume looks like a character costume. This stage is required to complete the design of your suit and start creating it.

Styrene is a colorless liquid that is used for modeling, hobbies and crafts. With it, you can give the shape of your suit. Bib, paddle, underwear for suit you can sew yourself manually using the basic sewing method. As soon as you connect all the items with a gun for hot glue, you can first try on the suit for yourself, but for this make sure that the gate for the throat is quite wide, and the waist is not too narrow, which will be completely safe for further socks. Then to the tissue of the lightning, rivets and latches, so that nothing shies your movement. How to make the main body of your costume, you can learn on the sites dedicated to the cosplay.

When sewing, measurements and attaching a bodice to the breastnik you will need to add a flange to details, glue pieces of fabric together, creating the front and rear halves of the leaf. If you need to create a horns, you can make them from papier-mache with paper or plastic. Then you will need foam and polystyrene, glue, silver paint and a pair of old boots to create an anime suit shoes.

After that, you will need to make a cuff and gloves for your anime suit. You can learn more about their creation on special thematic sites.

Anime-suit and accessories to it can be done without using fiberglass. You will need to collect as much information about the model of the future costume, and then press foam, vinyl, papier-mâché. It is important to note that the manufacture of anime-costume is a very expensive occupation, especially when you want to make it high quality. But you can use cheap materials such as metal, wood, steel and cardboard, and save your money.