How to make glue gun

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How to make glue gun

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The thermoclane gun is a convenient tool for a quick connection of a wide variety of materials. But for the efficient and safe use of the thermal system, you need to follow a few simple rules. About them and will be discussed.

You already know how the thermoclao gun is arranged, and how to choose adhesive rods. Turn on the gun and start working? Not yet. First of all, you need to remember that the thermoclane gun is

The thermoclane gun can be used to glue various parts in the manufacture and repair of small objects, temporarily fixing parts to the final consolidation, close up of small holes and cracks, seams, fastening wires and cables, making crafts, decorative objects.

Sticky in the hot condition and elastic in the frozen ethylenevinyl acetate allows you to glue almost any materials. It can be metal, wood, plastic, glass, textiles, paper and cardboard, linoleum, tile, ceramics, leather, rubber and other materials in any combination.

Hot glue is not suitable for working with polyethylene — glue simply does not cling to its surface, plaster and concrete — does not penetrate deeply and falls off together with a thin top layer of material, some fluffy tissues — does not penetrate deeply and removes with part of the fibers. With the care of thermocons you need to use when working with foam and fine synthetic cloth — they can simply melt.

Before starting work

Burned surfaces can not be prepared at all. But in some cases, gluing may turn out to be fragile. Especially dangerous, right up to

Now you can take a tool into hand. The pistol is installed with a glue rod and the movements of the juro fed to the easy stop. The gun is included in the electrical network for heating.

In the end, when you press the trigger, the glue will begin to squeeze out of the hole of the nose. Adjusting the numerals of the glue released, it is applied to one or both bonded surfaces, after which they quickly apply them to each other and

When working with cheap thermoclaim pistols that do not have protection systems from droplets, after the end of applying glue glue rod is manually

When the adhesive rod ends, the trigger will stop feeding it inside, the effort on the smoke will sharply decrease. This is a signal that it is time to insert a new glue rod.

Replacing the adhesive rod


Thermopystole can help when attaching a cable to a concrete wall. The nail into such a wall is very problematic, and drilling holes and use plastic dowels with screws — too consistent. It is much easier to drill a small hole in the concrete with a depth of 20-30 mm. The hole is filled by G.

From ethylenevinyl acetate can be


In short, the adhesive gun is a universal tool whose capabilities are truly limitless!

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