How to make mini smoking with your own hands

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How to make mini smoking with your own hands

Today, mini smokers are available in a wide variety. However, such equipment, as well as any, which was produced in the plant, is very expensive. It will have to use it not so often, that is why it is recommended to make making meat and fish making to make it yourself. Such work will be able to carry out using undergraduate materials.

The production of mini-smoke can be carried out independently. For this, a brick or sheet metal is often used. Brickwork in this embodiment should be asleep with clay solution, which makes it possible to ensure the tightness of the structure. In a special chamber, it is necessary to place chips or wood, which will smooth in the smoke-forming chamber. Smoking in this case is carried out by the effect of caustic and thick smoke. Smoking can be carried out using a chimney pipe. This option is considered the most budget, as the processing of products will be carried out in the attic. In the chimney pipe should be mounted dampers, which will allow you to adjust the flow of smoke. Among other things, hooks for hanging products should also be installed. In the oven it is necessary to maintain a weak fire, which must be subjected to the use of hardwood wood. The production of mini smoke can be carried out using an ordinary barrel. For this, the container removes one, and then the design is installed on the bricks so that between the base can be located smoldering wood. Inside the barrel should be mounted hooks, whereas from above the whole design will have to be covered with a damp rogene. You can apply the grille in the role of a barbecue. If a metal barrel was used in the work, the use of the lattice will be just by the way.

In the manufacture of mini-smoking, any blowable materials can be used, however, before the start of the process, it is necessary to consider that the design is to be operated for a long time, so it is necessary to ensure its durability. Strength characteristics will guarantee a brick. This option is considered the most practical, and will also allow you to supplement any area with stylish cooking equipment.

The mini-smoking will not work if you cannot prepare a certain set of tools and materials. For masonry, you should be equipped with refractory bricks, as well as follow the technology prescribed below. For a start, a cement solution is prepared, according to the consistency, it should not be too thick or too liquid. Next, the platform is selected. It needs to be cleaned from garbage and supply wooden beams, which will serve as a formwork for the fill of the foundation. The solution is poured into the prepared place and left until complete drying.

After the foundation is driving, you can lay a brick on its surface. There should be no gaps and cracks between the products. In order to ensure the smooth masonry, it is necessary to use the construction level. The foundation height should be 70 cm or more. For pushed should prepare steel doors. If the equipment has functions of a barbecue, then it is necessary to consider deepening. This component will assume the presence of a steel box intended for wood, as well as the upper grille, products will be prepared on the latter. In the manufacture of chimney, consider the moment that it should have a ventilated hole with a damper, which will allow you to adjust the flow of smoke.

A mini-smoking should be located on a fireproof distance from residential buildings. To begin with, it is necessary to prepare a good territory, for this it is cleared of garbage. The foundation depth should be equal to about 40 centimeters. This is true for small equipment, whereas if you decide to install on your site a dimensional design, the foundation will need to fill with concrete to 70 cm. The base should be reinforced.

The master must take care of the presence of refractory bricks, a metal cover, coaches, cells, lattices, and a construction level. You will need wooden doors, hammer and spatula.

Mini-smokehouse at home can be made according to a specific technology. At the first stage, it involves the manufacture of chimney. At the same time, the clay red brick should be used. Such material is distinguished by resistance to temperatures and cracks. Method of laying bricks on the edge you can make a smoking chamber that should be placed at the end of the line. Its height should not be more than 150 centimeters. Before starting the channel laying, you need to make ditch. Its width should be equal to 550 millimeters, whereas the length must be made equivalent to 350 millimeters. It is necessary to take into account the moment that the chamber for firewood should not be above the camera designed for smoking. Masonry work must be carried out using a clay mixture that does not distinguish toxins. The walls of the chimney must be placed brick, mounted on the edge. For them, it is pre-prepare a brick base. As a result, you should get a wall of 25 cm. Brickwork must consist of two rows. The channel overlapping is carried out by brick, this procedure is carried out according to the formation of a house, this indicates that the overlap should be flat. The smokehouse must be installed last, when conducting data, it is necessary to take into account that the channel should go deep into 300 millimeters. So that the mini smoked mini smoked mini smoked, you need to wait two days.

Such smoke smokers are quite often built up by homemade masters. This is due to the fact that such equipment has a long service life. It is convenient to use and safely in the smoking process. You will not observe an open fire, which means the wind will not be able to inflate the sparks. The construction is very economical, expensive firewood is not necessary for work. It will be enough to use sawdust, which can be purchased at the lowest prices. A mini-smoke can be performed with your own hands, the drawings must be prepared in advance. This will allow you to understand which stages of work must be implemented.

In order to get a good smoke when working homemade smoking equipment, it is best to use Olhi chips. Maple, pear branches and apple chips can also be used. Mini smoking for hot smoking will serve you for a long time, but it will be completely inexpensive.

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