How to make slot at home?

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How to make slot at home?

It can be treated in different ways to slides, but it is quite difficult to deny their demand. In stores it is easy to find slides of various consistency and colors. For adults, they often become an antistress toy, as the process of stretching the plastic mass removes the nervous voltage and soothes. For children of lysun — excellent entertainment, which, among other things, contributes to the development of shallow motility.

The world’s first slider was produced in 1978 by the American Mattel toy company. An unusual gloa-like consistency of the new toy was not ignored. Today there is a huge variety of lysunov varieties. Despite the differences in appearance, they all possess excellent plasticity. They can be stretched, mise in their hands and mix each other. Some slots have an aroma, it must be considered when choosing.

Butter Slum got its name for similarity with attached cream oil. It is able to unwind over the surface and tactile pleasant. Pickschi slim can safely qualify for the title of funny lysun. There are many foam balls in it, it attracts attention to a specific crunch. Popcorn Slum is often confused with a gym with a slide. In this variety of lysun, the foam pieces are a bit bigger, they imitate popcorn. Often this slide is made in yellow. Ombre slide is notable for smooth transition of shades. Usually 2-3 colors are used in it.

One of the most common types of lysunov is a client slide. His main feature is transparency. Cloud slimmes are soft and fluffy, and glossy slims are characterized by smoothness and glitter. Babal slim has many bubbles, while trying to squeeze it, they will start to burst with a characteristic sound. Clay slim rough-velvety to the touch. Iceberg Slym differs from the analogues by the presence of a solid crust. Thermoslaims change their color depending on temperature.

Lizuuna is often criticized due to the fact that they quickly come into disrepair. This situation takes place, in case the slips are incorrectly stored. It is not recommended for a long time to leave them outdoors. The optimal solution will be storing the slide in the closed container, which is in a dark cool place. Lisun quickly pollute, if it falls on the carpet or any other dilated surface.

Alas, save such a toy from pollution is quite difficult. Do not leave it in places with high dust content. The slider is characterized by soft and ability to stretch. If you have noticed that it has become hard and easy to rush, try adding glycerin to it. If the lysun over time has become more liquid, add some salt to it. Noticing on the surface of such a toy mold, it is worth throwing it right away.

In the manufacture of sleep slides, it is worth considering that the thickener is a replaceable component. For these purposes, sodium tetrabrate, soda, salt, starch, gelatin, gel for washing clothes, solution for contact lenses. However, it is difficult to predict how well the chosen thickener with glue one or another brand will work. The manufacture of slides can turn into a fascinating experiment with the search for optimal ingredients. It makes sense for the first trial options to use components in smaller proportions.

The slide at home is pretty easy. After all, the creation of lysun uses common and inexpensive ingredients. Often the basis for the slide becomes the usual glue PVA. You can mix in a small bowl of 5 teaspoons of such adhesive and 5 ml of thick shampoo. Mixing the resulting mixture, do not forget to add a food dye. As a thickener for such a slide, a sodium tetraborate is used. It is necessary to add it gradually, constantly stirring the mixture and watching the consistency becomes thick and plastic.

Glowing in the dark Lizun is also easy to manufacture. You will need to mix stationery glue with fluorescent paint (in the form of powder) in the bowl. Thoroughly mixing these components, add sodium tetraborate. Mix the slide first with a spoon or blade, and when it thickens under the action of the activator — hands. Lisun is powdered soft and plastic. You can make several similar slots using paints of different colors.

Mix 100 ml of PVA glue and the same amount of its stationery counterpart. Add 1 tbsp. Water spoon, 0, 5 tbsp. Spoons of any cream and 0, 5 tbsp. Spoon gel for the shower. Mix all the components in the bowl and add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil without odor. Thanks to the oil, the slide will acquire its glossy shine. Add a dye to the mixture. As a thickener, you can use a solution for contact lenses, washing gel or mentioned above antiseptic sodium tetrabott.

The thickener needs to be added literally one drop. If you add too little — the slide will stick to the hands. Too much thickener will not allow lysun to become elastic. As soon as the mixture thickens to such an extent that it will be difficult to interfere with her spoon, continue to do it manually. When the slide stops rushing when stretching and sticking to the hands, put it in the container and leave for 48 hours. After that, the slide will be ready to use.

Pour 100 ml of PVA glue into the plate. Add a little shaving foam to it and mix the mixture. The next stage should be the addition of dye. Swinging the mixture after adding the dye, you can give it a homogeneous shade. Add to it a pinch of soda. Starting to interfere with the mixture, add a slightly solution for contact lenses into it. It should be borne in mind that the fragrance fragrance for shaving is transferred to lysuen. If you want to drown it, you will need to add a flavor to the lysun.

In a plate with 50 ml of silicate glue, you will need to add a pinch of soda, 3 tbsp. Spoons of warm water, 5 h. Spoons of solution for contact lenses and a pair of dye drops. When adding each ingredient, the mixture must be mixed thoroughly. After it thickens under the action of soda and a solution for contact lenses, move it from a plate to a bowl with foam balls. When the balls are mixed with lysun texture, it will be ready for use.

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