How to make vodka from alcohol

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How to make vodka from alcohol

It would seem that it may be easier than the alcohol to make a liquid suitable for drinking. That is, to dilute 40 degrees recommended by the Ministry of Health.
Although there are individuals that can absorb the alcohol in its pure form, but we do not apply to such, so we will dilute. How can we properly dilute the alcohol with water to get a drink ready to use?
To begin with, we need:

Take for example

Table of alcohol and water ratio when cooking vodka.

We first pour water into the container in which we will breed our magic solution. Water should not be warm. It is best if it is not just room temperature, but chilled.

All clean vodka without additives is ready. But to drink it was pleasant and delicious, certain ingredients are used, which are added at the mixing stage.
Therefore, the second recipe:

In this case, we will need:

Again we will proceed from the fact that we have available for this business

The order of cooking is next.

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