How to meet a wife from the hospital

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How to meet a wife from the hospital

Every «new» father wonders: how to meet your beloved wife from the hospital? Many men are not ready to answer this question. And, in fact, everything is simple. First of all, you need to take care of the kid with mom, from the very first day they were surrounded by comfort, comfort and love.

First of all, it is necessary to make a «general cleaning» house. This concept means the need for a thorough and scrupulous study of the house for the presence of dirt. And in the case of detection, it should immediately get rid of it. For a baby, who has not yet developed immunity, any, even the most minor pollution can cause serious problems. The main rule, the house in which the baby is located, should shine cleanliness.

Although moms are preparing for the appearance of a baby long and thoroughly think about everything that can be useful to the baby, but still, many things will have to buy a new one. By the time of discharge from the maternity hospital, the baby should already be:

This list can be continued infinitely, but it lists the main things, without which it is impossible to do.

So the long-awaited day of discharge comes. Each family has its own vision of how everything should be organized. Someone wants to organize a grand event with limousines, huge flowers of flowers, a bunch of balloons, a large number of invited guests. And someone dreams of a quiet family holiday, where only the closest and native people will be. The choice is yours. But in any case, do not forget to thank the medical institution staff, where your baby appeared on light, flowers and sweets.

A happy father and a loving husband is very important to create atmosphere atmosphere of love, care and kindness. Woman, the first months after childbirth, is very raw. She is constantly worried about the child, does not sleep at night. Her emotional and hormonal background has not recovered. Any trifle brings a woman to despair. Therefore, show more patience and attention After all, your woman needs this.